Shadows in the Void

A Family Affair

Daddy's Little Girl

This adventure log covers four weeks of downtime

As the crew stays on Tashet for a few days to see how things play out after the symposium, they notice that the population seems to be mostly accepting and even more favorable to the new government. However, there does seem to be some concern among the supernatural population. There is almost palpable sense of rising tension between the ‘mundane’ and the supernatural. The majority of the mortal population see this as their chance at a better life and resent the supernaturals for not wanting to let them have it.

However, with their business on Tashet wrapped up and no further sightings of Basil Malone the party leaves the planet. Before they do, Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” hires Trace to go to Palith and see if he can find out if Basil did indeed go there and what he is doing there.

During the first week

Wanting to keep a low profile, at least for a while after the events on Tashet, the crew begins to work more seriously on growing and maintaining the organization. Carter Altman established a working relationship with Sorik Thann, helping him get settled in his new role keeping order of the transitioning members of The Thann Protectorate into small colonies near RPC space.

- Galactic Gazette -

Law and Order restored to Palith

Citizens on Palith breathe a sigh of relief and begin to go back to their normal lives and the rebuilding process begins in the wake of massive riots in the two major cities. The rioting stopped two days ago after a massive riot in the capital. Latest reports indicate that over forty citizens and three officers, including James Lewis the troops’ commanding officer, were killed during the riots.

CPG has sent additional officers and construction crews to aid in the recovery process. A formal investigation into the cause and what could have been done to prevent it is now under way.

- Space Times -

Massive Structure Found Deep Below The Surface Of Larson’s Rink

A massive complex of tunnels and rooms was found 10 km below the surface of Larson’s Rink. The complex appears to have been built long ago. The sprawling network of tunnels and rooms extends for over a kilometer with the average ceiling height of 10 meters. Scientists have been flocking to Larson’s Rink in order to study the find, but no official team has been formed yet.

- Universe Today -

Population of Tashet Happily Integrating Into The Celestial Empire

Reports from Tashet indicate that after the Celestial Empire Symposium the population is mostly looking forward to Joining the Celestial Empire. Top reasons were the improved quality of life and increased safety that the Empire would provide. Officials from the Empire were unwilling to share details of the transition, but claimed that once everything had been finalized with the government of Tashet the details would be announced.

During the second week

- Galactic Gazette -

Adherents of Unity Strike Again, Now Officially Arcane Terrorists

Two days ago contact was lost with the small settlement on ‘The Screaming Moon’. CPG sent a team to investigate the loss of contact when conventional and supernatural means were unable to reach anyone on the moon. Details are scarce, but CPG has confirmed that the settlement on the moon was attacked by terrorists believed to belong to the Adherents of Unity. The team found no survivors, but not everyone has been accounted for.

CPG has now officially classified the Adherents of Unity as Arcane Terrorists due to their use of supernatural abilities to enact acts of terrorism. There is a reward for 10,000 credits for any information that leads to the capture of a member of the group. Officials from Epsilon Division, CPG’s supernatural investigations unit, would only confirm that the terrorist group did use supernatural means to attack the moon, but would not say what kind. They urged anyone how sees one of these terrorists to stay away and contact authorities.

- The Lightspeed Chronicle -

Experts Warn Of Unusual Spirit Activity

Supernatural experts are warning that Spirits and other ephemeral entities have increased activity on remote worlds. The cause of this activity is yet unknown, but has been increasing for some time. Additionally, some of these spirits are exhibiting unusual behavior. Including the capacity for deceit and increased intelligence.

During the third week

Trace reports back to Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd”:

I have concluded my investigation of Basil Malone. I was able to confirm that he came to Palith three days after you had contacted me. I was able to gather some information about his activities on planet, but he was one of the most difficult people I’ve ever investigated. Not only did enter buildings and never leave them, I’m assuming he teleported out while inside the building, he also was able to get access to virtually any place he wanted just by walking up and showing some identification or just talking to the guard.

Here are the facts, my analysis will follow:
He never visited a government official.
He didn’t seem to be recognized by anyone, but people were familiar with the debates on Tashet. This extended to people that had no contact with him, including people who I just showed his picture to.
He visited a few of the stations where the Police, CPG forces and The Silver Eyes were stationed, but never visited with anyone in charge from what I can tell.
He visited many of the areas where riots had broken out and talked to those who had taken part.
He spent a day north of the capital at the site of a Shadow Dredger archaeological dig. This dig is no longer active, all of the members are presumed to have been slain by the Blood Slaver attack on the planet earlier. I was not able to get too close to the site or go inside while he was there without risking him discovering me.
Despite my best efforts I believe that he eventually noticed that I was following him as he began to teleport more after I had been tracking him for a few days.

It seems clear to me that he was here for a reason very different his reason for going to Tashet. I believe that he had something to do with the final riot on Palith, though I don’t know how exactly. I can’t explain it well, but there was a ‘vibe’ across the whole planet before that final riot it felt as if something was coming. After the riot was over the feeling was gone, but I have the feeling, and this is just a feeling and not professional opinion, that whatever was coming arrived.

Carter Altman notices that over the past few weeks the has been a steady increase in submissions to Network Zero. Many of these entries capture or tell of powers that don’t fit well within known supernatural powers. Others detail humans manifesting what are commonly the powers of ghosts or spirits.

During the fourth week

- The Lightspeed Chronicle

Celestial Empire Once Again Preparing A Crusade

Sources inside The Celestial Empire indicate that the enigmatic nation is preparing another crusade. Targeting Blood Slavers and their associates this crusade appears to be different than their past ones as The Blood Slavers no longer have any known worlds. It appears that the Celestial Empire will be engaging in an extended search and destroy mission.

It is as of yet unclear what this will mean for the former Vampire Nation. Given past crusades it seems safe to assume that the Empire will go after some groups of Vampires. However, our sources inside the empire have been unable to determine the extent that non Blood Slavers will be targeted.

At the end of the fourth week Raugraf Ordulf headed to Jaakko to meet up with Tristan Sylvester to renew his blood bond to her. The crew notices that he neither returns or gets in contact with him for a number of days and are unable to reach him via his rig.



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