Shadows in the Void

A Traitor Lurks

Seeking Answers

This log covers two weeks of downtime

After retrieving the ring from The Tri-Vault the crew managed to escape the system bringing it with them. When they entered the Dismal Void the runes on the void side of the Stygian Gate glowed with that sickly green light that the liquid inside the ring was omitting. However, the light quickly faded and the crew noticed that the liquid inside the ring, which up to this point had always been moving slightly, now seemed to be frozen solid. The crew then meet up with the Hua Long and deposited the ring on the capitol ship.

After discovering that one of the three people who performed the ritual to ‘awaken’ The Tri-Vault appears to be involved in the Adherents of Unity Lily Jones left to infiltrate the cult and see what she could learn about their organization and leadership. She expects to be out of contact for long periods of time, but is hoping to give weekly updates on what she has learned.

As the crew continues to study the ring Mattias and Aarovin note that when it is ‘frozen’ they can no longer sense anything on the other side. Closer study of the ring indicates that it is made of the same material as the Stygian Gate, or as close to it as the crew can tell. It seems impervious to damage just like the gates and has the same properties. However, since the material the gates are made of is still a mystery even to supernaturally enhanced science you can’t be sure.

The Lightspeed Chronicle
RPC rumored to be planning to salvage The Vampire Nation homeworld
Sources inside The Thann Protectorate and Resource Production Corporation claim that the newly combined factions are planning on sending an RPC expedition to the Vampire Nation Homeworld to break the planet apart and salvage the materials and minerals left behind. Two Extractor-class ships are being prepped for the mission now in order to make the most of the small window they will have once the planet has been evacuated and before the sun goes nova.

As news of the operation spread across the world panic spread through every kingdom other than The Thann Protectorate, though the amount varied from kingdom to kingdom. Despite the panic, no official complaint or statement denying the plan has come from any of the governments of the Kingdoms or RPC.
Universe Today
Palith once again in turmoil
The citizens on Palith once again rose up in riots when new evidence about the martial law decree came to light. Citizens were outraged to learn that the government of Palith was requested that the martial law decree not be lifted for an additional two weeks after the riots were dispersed. Anonymous sources inside Palith’s leadership state that the primary concern was re-surging riots, fears which seem to be merited, ironic though the source may be.

During the first week Lily reports that she has found a promising location to join and has begun to build up her cover and identify local members of the organization. She is hoping that she will be able to join sometime next week.

Second week

Universe Today
CE opens embassy’s on CPG worlds
In a surprising turn of events The Celestial Empire announced today in conjunction with the Coalition of Planetary Governments that their period of isolation was ending and that they were opening up full diplomatic ties with the CPG. Starting with an embassy on Dragonfly and Gelphi. An official announcement from the Empire stated “We have been isolated from the rest of the galaxy for far too long. It is time we return to the greater galactic community and share what we have learned during our isolation.”

Additionally, the Empire has noted that they are opening up an outreach center on New Charon to help the struggling planet become part of the rest of the galactic community. This surprising move has gathered significant popular support from citizens. Details of the extent of their aid and support for the planet have not been released yet, but are expected to be announced before the end of the month.

Late in the second week Lily Jones calls to inform the crew that she has successfully infiltrated the Adherents of Unity. She doesn’t have much of substance to report at the moment, but she does note that there seems to be two factions within the cult that are vying for dominance. One is more religious and the other seems to be more about action and social change.

Galactic Gazette
The Bilex System declared a navigation hazard

The Bilex System is currently reporting an increase in density of the gas that fills the system. Authorities are recomending ships stay clear of the system until the concentration fades. Ships entering risk a substantially increased rate of corrosion and engine failure.

During the two weeks Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” has been communicating with Kangi Maza trying to figure out what they can about the prophecy and who was on the mission. However, at the end of the week he is unable to get in contact with Kangi, or anyone else in his tribe’s settlement.



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