Shadows in the Void

A Traitor Lurks (part 2)

In The Thick Of It

Mattias Quincy and Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” went to investigate why the rest of Seskatonkwa’s tribe was not repsonding and discovered that the tribe had been attacked by werewolves and a powerful wolf spirit. Further investigation seemed to indicate that the werewolves were Bale Hounds and the spirit fit the description of Soulless Wolf, the patron of the Bale Hounds who is supposed to be just a myth, but also some claim was a ninth Firstborn. They recovered some security footage showing the attack was well planned and had some inside help. They are able to determine that some Seskatonkwa’s tribe was able to escape, but they did not respond to initial hails.

A few minutes after their initial hail they receive a message back:
Twelve of us managed to escape. We are safe for now, but stay vigilant, it appears our tribe has a rot within. Our brothers are Bale Hounds and tried to destroy the rest of us. We will contact you once we have found a safe place.

Meanwhile, on Palith, Carter Altman, Aarovin The Archivist and Raugraf Ordulf investigated the new riots and found demonic influence. Aside from this, the riots seemed to be perfectly normal in nature. Perhaps a little unjustified, or mishandled, but nothing that hasn’t happened many times before.

The current word is that CPG will be deploying more troops in case the riots escalate again. This news is unsurprisingly not taken well by those already upset and the riots begin to escalate even more. As they are watching one of the riots start to break out into a skirmish with the police the crew catch a glimpse of what looks like Basil Malone in the middle of the crowd.



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