Shadows in the Void

Deciding Factor

Eenie Meenie...

When the crew get their new Frenzy-class ship docked and get up to command they find that there are a few messages waiting for them.

  • One of the Raugraf’s contacts is asking when his team might be able to transport the CPG diplomats to their meeting with representitives of The Vampire Nation
  • Tyger’s office wishes to know when their new Artificial Blood will be cleared to ship.
  • Jerome Ast the manager they hired to run their business called to let them know that he isn’t having any trouble finding ships looking for safe and reliable work, but lots of clients are dubious about the newly created shipping company.
  • Jason Dross called to ask when they might be able to get their ship equipped to detect the residual energy a CE Teleport device leaves when it has been used.
  • Kangi Maza Seskatonkwa’s former apprentice had called with an urgent matter he wished to discuss, but wouldn’t say more in his message.

A quick scan of the vortex that scoped up their ship shows that it seems to be coming from the hole drilled into the floor of the Dismal Void and goes almost straight towards The Bilex System



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