Shadows in the Void

From the Shadows (Part 5)

Amid the Chaos

The crew make their way though the Blood Slaver station to retrieve the Stygian Shard. At the same time the Mariacaibo are attacking the station and their vampire ‘allies’ are planning to perform a coup.

Will the other powers in the galaxy sit idly by? How many of them have any idea what is truly going on? Most importantly, what is happening with the Celestial Empire?

The crew made their way to the room where the Stygian Shard is being held. Along the way the fought their way past two security checkpoints and it seems that the Raugraf’s cover was blown. Lily called Mattias Quincy and told him she was on the run from the CE and that something weird was going on and that they seemed to be rebuilding very fast. Mattias then tried to call Chloe and was told that she had been promoted(!) and Trenton was their new handler. After a brief conversation he discovered where they were and ordered them to leave the system. Upon arriving in the room where the shard is held they discovered five presumed mages painting runes, sigils and patterns onto the walls. These ‘artists’ didn’t seem to react to the crew’s entrance. Gearalt Rowan took matters into his own hands and walked across the painted runes and hurled one of the painters at the shard. As they crew was taking all of this in they felt a rising heat behind them and saw a line of fiery words in an unfamiliar script.


I predict that the Vampire Nation Imperatrix is busy Embracing the entire Celestial Empire.

From the Shadows (Part 5)

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