Shadows in the Void

From the Shadows (part 7)

Where's my get-away car?

Previously on Shadows in the Void:
After meeting up with their new contact, Raugraf Ordulf, the crew infiltrated/fought their way to where the [Stygian Shard] was being kept.
There they found a group of presumed mages ignoring all else and painstakingly re-painting runes on the walls and floors.
After they entered the room fiery symbols lined the floor behind then and were giving off intense heat. Further investigation led them to believe that it was being powered by a demon bound in a ritual.

Gearalt Rowan became impatient and attempted to disrupt the painting, getting paint on himself and throwing one of the painters across the room into the [Stygian Shard]. He was frozen in place for a while and then seemed to ‘get better’. Investigating further the crew noticed that the paint seemed to have drawn it’s self into runes on his face and clouded up one of his eyes. The eye cleared after a bit to reveal a city being bombed.

They decided to flood the room to get rid of the paint, which produced quite a bit of steam. Fogging up the room.
EspĂ­rito then entered the room walking over the flaming symbols seemingly unaffected. He seemed bent on obtaining the [Stygian Shard]. The crew attacked him to try and stop him from getting there, but the massive bodily harm they were doing didn’t seem to faze him at all. However, he eventually collapsed and a creepy entity flowed out of him and reached for the crew before disappearing.

Carter Altman then hacked the computers and broadcast his voice across the station speaking the demon’s name and releasing it from the ritual which then dissipated.
After retrieving the [Stygian Shard] the crew was ready to go, but saw that the door they came in was now guarded. So, they created a hole in the wall and headed back towards their ship.
As they were traveling Gearalt Rowan noticed that the bucket he was holding the shard in was getting very cold so he passed it to Raugraf Ordulf.


WTS [Stygian Shard] x 1. PST with offer, 1m credits min

From the Shadows (part 7)

Actually, the [Stygian-Shard] is soulbound…

From the Shadows (part 7)

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