Shadows in the Void

Prophecy from the Past

Look before you Leap

This Adventure Log covers one week of downtime

With Heath Sylvester and Micah Distel vanishing Tristan Sylvester found herself in charge of the Shadow Ring. Not prepared, mentally or socially for this she leaned heavily on Mattias and The Raugraf for guidance. Not only was she lacking in guidance, it seems that Heath and Micah too much of their organizations cash stores as well as their loyal underlings. The crew sunk much of their monthly profits into stabilizing the organization. It’s operations appear to be recovering, but it will require quite a bit of work before it’s back to what it used to be.

During the next week the crew gets a call from Jerome Ast. Three of their ships carying Type-T were attacked by pirates in the last day. He’s looking into it to get more details, but from what he can tell they weren’t boarded or hijacked, but just attacked and destroyed. Right now all he knows is that they were attacked in the Dismal Void, within 1 hour of entering. CPG has promised to look into the matter since the company is founded on Gelphi, but Jerome doesn’t think they will be able to do much since it was all committed in the Dismal Void.

- Universe Today

CPG and RPC forming a Mutual Defense Pact?

Sources inside RPC and CPG report that the two organizations are reportedly in talks to formalize the relative good relations they have had until now. Citizens of each should be able to rest easier soon as the two work together to make sure that they are safe from splinter factions of the Vampire Nation, a Celestial Empire crusade and the dwindling, but ever present Blood Slaver threat. The details of this pact haven’t been finalized, but it seems certain that the two will remain separate entities and only increase their collaboration to better protect their citizens.

At the end of the week Carter Altman receives an automated message from Sorik Thann.

Carter, if you are receiving this message then I’m afraid something has happened to me and I have been out of contact for a week. I prepared this message because I have a bad feeling about the mission I’m being sent on and much of it’s details are being kept from me. However, if I wish to keep my position in the Thann Protectorate, and by extension RPC I have a duty to do. Below is what information I have on my mission.

I have been assigned as security on a science mission to The Mtetwa System. I have not been able to determine why they feel a crew of 30 requires 7 security officers including three vampires. Nor have I been able to determine why I was selected for this mission considering my specialties lie in civil security and policing, not jungle terrain. Attached you will find the three proposed landing sites.

I’m sorry to have to ask you to come and find out what has happened, but non of my other friends have the freedom or skills that you do and I hope that our past relationship won’t suffer too much.

Sorik Thann



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