Shadows in the Void

Prophecy from the Past (part 2)

I've got a very bad feeling about this

After getting some preliminary information about the RPC expeditions to The Mtetwa System the crew set off to the system to try and rescue Sorik Thann and determine just what is going on there.

Upon arriving they found most of the expedition members dead. They appeared to have been brutally attacked by some unknown party, possibly from within the expedition. They also found Sorik Thann and one other vampire in torpor. When they revived them they both told a similar, but foggy tail of the non vampire members growing increasingly paranoid and aggressive towards them until they were attacked.

[[:seskatonkwa] visited the camp in Hisil to question the spirits in the area. Most of the spirits were not very cooperative, but a spirit of corruption and decay informed him that there had been some unusual spirits appear recently. Spirits that it didn’t know what to make of. It pointed him towards a small wisp of a spirit as an example. As he left he noticed the spirit was following him and seemed to have attached two small filaments to his chest.

Upon returning to the camp to continue their investigation Carter Altman is able to gain access to the security chief’s log and personnel file.

Day 1: I still don’t know what exactly we are doing here, but I guess it’s not my job to know why. The planet appears to be covered in one hell of a jungle, but I’ve seen worse. The reports don’t seem to indicate there are any extra-ordinary predators. It looks like the biggest problem we’ll face comes from the blood suckers we’ve been saddled with.

Day 2: The scientists seem to be interested in something, but won’t tell me what it is yet. They assure me it’s nothing to be concerned about. So far the perimeter sensors and alarms have worked to scare of any large beasts and predators. Our sentries haven’t seen any indication that our perimeter has been breached.

Day 3: I don’t know who assigned Sorik Thann and his fucking vampires to this post, but I hope I get to meet them when this is all done. That blood sucker had the gall to question my orders in front of everyone. I don’t think he knows who is in charge here, well, I’ll show him a thing or two about the chain of command. I’ve assigned him and his goons to perimeter duty, maybe now we can have some peace and the scientists can get to work without worry about The Thann Protectorate snooping in on their research.

Day 4: Yet again, Sorik Thann, the new bane of my existence, decided that something I said wasn’t quite right. It seems he had a suggestion about the watch rotation. Now, he wants me to post my troops alongside his? Sure, if he’s to be believed vampires have better hearing, but who is gonna believe him? I think he can’t stand being with the other two and I don’t blame him. One of them is a lazy SOB and the other, well, let’s just say he’s about a trustworthy as a New Charon pimp.

Day 5: Sorik ignored my multiple radio calls while on patrol. He is clearly planning something. I’ll have to teach him a lesson.

Day 6: It is done. Everything I’ve worked for is lost. Everyone is dead. I should have realized sooner what Sorik was up to, but it was too late. At least I’ve dealt with him now. But I haven’t been able to stop what he’s unleashed. Hekwoutra is out there and I have to stop it. If anyone finds this I hope they can avenge my poor companions if I could not.

Their investigation also turns up a crew manifest and they are able to identify who is missing. It appears that five members are not among the corpses or the vampires being held on the Dead Dreaming. The missing members are the chief of security, three researchers and the quartermaster/cook.

As the crew are making up their minds how best to proceed thunder cracks overhead and a torrential rain begins to hammer down on the jungle. Amid the claps of thunder, the sounds of howls pierce the rain. Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” recognizes them as Uratha, typically used at the start of a hunt.



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