Shadows in the Void

Prophecy from the Past (part 3)

An act of Desperation

The crew decided to wait on planet and see what the werewolves were after. After a while the werewolves took a break from their hunt to visit the camp and meet the crew. Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” had an awkward conversation with Jared Soft Paw who was not very forthcoming. The pack was unwilling to give up their quarry even for the short time it would take the crew to interrogate her. Surprisingly they simply left to continue their hunt and left the crew to their own devices. Not to be shown up by a mere pack of werewolves the crew located her via their ship’s sensors and Mattias opened a portal down to the planet where they captured her despite her attempts at resistance. Once back on the ship she was neither grateful nor truthful.

Going through her possessions you find a small arsenal including many weapons targeted specifically towards supernatural. A long silver combat knife and ‘sun grenades’ being only some of the items.

After finishing up their initial interrogation of Abigail the crew’s discussion of what they are going to do with her is interrupted by a tremor on the sip and a number of alerts. Power was interrupted in the area they are holding the prisoners and the cameras have gone offline for the moment. However, the last thing they recorded was a giant, humanoid section of the wall of Abigail’s cell begin to smolder and explode with a bright flash. The external sensors detected unusual gate activity at the same time, the entire gate was awash with a bright teal light that has now slowly faded, but appeared to be coming from the runes that cover its surface. The sensors also pick up a massive heat spike in one section of the jungle.

Carter Altman begins trying to get the cameras back, but it will be a minute or two before he will have them restored. In the mean time the gate slowly returns to normal and the heat spike radiates outwards into the jungle and fades back to normal.



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