Shadows in the Void

Prophecy from the Past (part 4)

The Heart of Darkness

After containing Abigail Taylor in a corridor and getting some minimal information out of her the crew turned their attention to the spirit that made her escape possible. The spirit seemed to be a massive amalgamation of various supernatural creatures including werewolves, promethean and changelings. When it proved to be quite unhelpful and unwilling to work with them Mattias and Seskatonkwa attacked and were able to destroy it’s manifest form.

Returning to the planet they once again met with the werewolf pack and attempted to extract some information. Jared Soft Paw was once again the only member of the pack to speak, much less leave urshal form. Despite being quite unwilling to help answer any questions at all the crew was able to get some information about the lost expedition from Seskatonkwa’s tribe. Jared claimed that some of them were on Dragonfly and that they hadn’t been found because they didn’t want to be found.

Not satisfied with just this information the party pressed Jared for more about the heat spike they detected in the jungle that occurred at the same time that the gate moved. When it became clear that they would not be satisfied until they got an answer Jared and the other two werewolves turned without another word and ran off into the jungle.



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