Shadows in the Void

Shattered Dreams

Picking up the pieces

With the [Stygian Shard] in hand the crew of the Dead Dreaming made their way out of the Research Station. Gearalt Rowan found the [Stygian Shard] and the bucket he was carrying it in were getting cold and heavy in his arm. He gave them to Raugraf Ordulf and the Raugraf seemed unaffected by the cold. As they were leaving an explosion rocked the station and many doors sealed themselves shut. On their way to their ship Gearalt Rowan sensed the presence of ‘beings’ on the other side of the door. The crew opened it to find three Blood Slavers who they fought off handily. They were then able to make it to their ship where they found a number of station staff desperate to escape. They brought them on board, but kept an eye on them. As they made their way out of the station they saw flames leaping from a gaping hole in the station seemingly burning in space.

Once back in their ship and away from the station they took stock of the situation. It appeared that the Blood Slavers were putting up a fight, but not enough of one to drive back all those who had risen up against them. As they were debating if they should stay or leave they noticed something odd was happening to the Sun. A quick scan revealed a small sleek ship positioned near the sun firing some sort of beam at it. Mattias tried to get in contact with Chloe Quincy to see if she knew anything about the ship and to see if she was on it. Trenton answered instead and informed Mattias Quincy that his daughter was still unavailable due to her promotion. He also advised them to leave the system.

Desiring to act quickly and their ship being at least 30 minutes travel time to the other ship Mattias got in contact with Lauren Anders and asked her to send him and a bomb to where the ship was located. She seemed indifferent to the destruction of the sun, Vampire Nation homeworld and all those still living on it. However, she consented after Mattias agreed that he’d owe her another favor. Before initiating his plan he used the same trick he’d used to call Lauren to try and get in contact with Chloe. She answered and seemed a bit surprised, but happy to see him. She started to tell him about her promotion before he cut her off and asked where she was. Before she could answer Trenton‘s image replaced her image on the link. He apologized for the disruption and asked if Mattias had any other questions for him. Mattias asked if the ship destroying the sun in the system was theirs as he was planning on destroying it. Trenton politely excused himself after that as he had some other business to attend to. After only a few more seconds the mystery ship vanished completely (yes, this is retconned) and Mattias didn’t go through with the his deal with Lauren. After the ship left the sun began to expand very quickly, none of the crew were able to determine if this would continue at the same rate.

After a few more minutes 8 Shadow Dredger ships appeared and offered to help set up efforts to migrate the people of The Vampire Nation homeworld to other planets. Carter Altman had informed them that something was happening and their seers had determined that this was the best way that they could help.

The crew spent the next few hours analyzing the Sun’s expansion and coordinating with The Shadow Dredgers and The Vampire Nation with Carter and the Raugraf taking point. After an hour or so the sun’s expansion slowed dramatically and they were able to determine that it would continue to expand, but it would only threaten the homeworld after many months, likely a year. Most of the fighting had died off as once it became clear that they were loosing the Blood Slavers in unison began making their way towards spaceports fighting with a frenzy. Most of them stayed behind to ensure that specific Blood Slavers made it onto ship and that the ships were able to get off the planet. Once off the planet the ships made straight for the Stygian Gate. With the majority of the attacking ships focused on the planet the dozen or so Blood Slaver ships were able to make it to the gate with relative ease. A few ships followed them through and reported that once through they scattered in all directions avoiding the commonly traveled paths of the Dismal Void.

When the Raugraf Ordulf attempted to set the bucket carrying the [Stygian Shard] down he found that his hand was no longer responding to his commands and that his arm had gone numb. Once he gets the shard out of the bucket he regains control of his hand over the course of an hour.

The Shadow Dredgers and anyone the party contacts confirm that the Stygian Gates seem to be functioning normally and there have been no reports of anyone turning into a blood slaver once the crew retrieved the shard.


The crew parted ways temporarily after things settled down. Mattias to secret away the [Stygian Shard]. Carter and the Raugraf to help cement relations between the blood slavers and to help with the evacuation plans. Gearalt went looking for someone who might know what had happened to his eye. Vincent returned to Gelphi to work with his Silver Ladder contacts.

As things begin to settle down with the Vampires and the Shadow Dredgers Carter is asked by Jason Dross to help see what the Vampire scholar Aarovin can make of some of the artifacts left by the Lords of Mercy. Mattias is approached by a stranger named Seskatonkwa who offers to trade information about what he believes may have been a weapons test of the weapon used on the Vampire Nation homeworld’s sun for help locating a lost expedition his tribe sent.



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