Shadows in the Void

Tainted Blood

Oh, that's negative

Having discovered that an agent of The Celestial Empire was behind the disappearance of the Anderson’s Landing Colonists, the crew decided not to pursue the matter any further for the moment. Carter passed on some of the information they gained along with a description of the man Mattias saw to Rory Clayton who informed them Basil Malone was a member of a highly influential faction within the Empire.

Over the course of the next week and a half the crew find themselves busy handling some of the more tedious details of their shipping company. Jerome Ast has been managing it well, but requires some guidance on how to proceed. The company has so far had little issue with their main shipment: Type T, Tyger‘s Artificial Blood. However, Tyger Industries has been threatening to find a new shipper if the company isn’t able to find more buyers. Jerome is well acquainted with the normal ins and outs of running a shipping company, but is out of his depth when it comes to finding buyers for other people’s product. He hopes that you will be able to smooth things out like you did when you set up the deal in the first place.

Jason Dross replied to Carter Altman’s message:
Thank you for your concern, however, our research will continue as planned. There has been no indication that our activities have been discovered. I am told our researchers have been making promising progress and I will not stop the research due to your unfounded fears.
-Guide Dross

While this is going on you notice a few articles of interest.

- Space Times -

Terrorists Captured

Gelphi – The Coalition of Planetary Governments’ Justice Department announced today that they had captured the Sky Clan terrorists responsible for the attacks on Anderson’s Landing. Clan Talis became galaxy wide names when it was discovered that they had attacked the colony on Anderson’s Landing in a act of unprovoked barbarism. An official from the Justice Department stated that the Trial is scheduled to begin by the end of the week, “Now that the investigation is over and the suspects have been apprehended we do not intend to delay the justice for the families of the victims.”

- Galactic Gazette -

Blood Slaver Threat Solved?

While initial reports coming from CPG Strategic Command were cautious as to the long term reduction in Blood Slaver activity due to the successful raid, it has now been released that there have been no reported Blood Slaver attacks since the raid started. Sources in the Vampire Nation indicate that they believe the Blood Slavers, lacking the support of the Vampire Nation have fled beyond the limits of Vampire Nation space. General Merad of the CPG Supernatural Division, Episilon, was skeptical. “The raid went off just as we planned, but I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of the Suckers. They are probably regrouping and planning their next move. We are in the process of tracking them down and finishing this off once and for all.”

Carter’s monitoring turns up a few articles about the Adherents of Unity. They contain mostly speculation and little facts. The group seems to have very arduous initiation rituals and all initiated members aren’t saying anything.

Oddly, there has been no indication the Celestial Empire discovered the crew was behind Lily Jones’s rescue and the capture of the Stygian Shard. No waves from Trenton, no attacks on the ship.

During the week some of the crew met with Du’Stoth and agreed to locate and sell vampire artifacts to him in exchange for him notifying them of any interesting functional artifacts that come across his path. The crew also set up a residence in The Thann Protectorate to keep an eye on Rheta Thann as she may have had something to do with the VII written on the Raugraf’s shuttle.


Also, I’ve updated [[The Vampire Nation]] page with more info and some of what’s happened during and since the Blood Slavers took power.

Tainted Blood





Tainted Blood

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