Shadows in the Void

Test Drive (Part 2)

What the Hell is going on here?

Following the concerns of Raugraf Ordulf‘s retainer, Kreimhild, about The Shadow Dredgers’s remarkable progress on the teleportation drive the crew decided to pay them a visit. Carter Altman first called up Jason Dross to see what information he could get. Jason and Carter instead went head to head, seeming to engage in some hidden power struggle and the call was over quickly. The crew then got the location of the ship from Kreimhild and went to visit them in the Beanstalk system.

Upon their arrival they were greeted with some guarded suspicion until it was pointed out that they had provided the teleportation drive to begin with. At that point they were invited on board and given a tour of the ship. Carter and Aarovin noticed that one of the Shadow Dredgers was watching Mattias while the rest were paying attention to Carter. Aarovin was able to determine that he appeared to be an agent of The Celestial Empire, but the man slipped away while they were being given a tour.

When they eventually found him again he was in a small study room working on a computer. At that time the teleportation drive started to life and the ship began a trip to an unknown location.

When our heroes arrive at their destination they find something they could have predicted, and something that no one saw coming. Strange, impossible things are happening, will they figure out what is going on before it is too late? How will they get back to the Dead Dreaming? Join us next time on Shadows in the Void to find out!



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