Shadows in the Void

Test Drive (Part 3)

Can I go home now?

After an initial tussle with Aarovin The Archivist, the Celestial Empire Agent managed to convince the Shadow Dredgers on the ship that the crew was responsible for setting off the drive. However, this was not enough to cover his escape as Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” joined Aarovin and the two of them were easily able to detain him until Mattias Quincy and Carter Altman were able to sort it out.

Once the alarms had ceased the crew got a chance to have a personal chat with the saboteur. It turns out that he isn’t actually that much of a scientist or engineer and was only doing as instructed. His mission seems to have been to subvert the Shadow Dredger’s research on the drive and make them think they knew how it worked. Then when they were ready to test it the drive would take them where he had programmed it to.

Seeking more information about where they were going and what Mattias’ vision of a fleet floating aimlessly in space meant they sent a message to Loni Nathalie. For a time no one responded, but eventually an AI which identified as both Sigma and Hua Long responded. It stated that Loni was no longer working and that it was very busy trying to discover exactly what had happened.

Sigma shared some of its research and Carter, in a stroke of brilliance, was able to make sense of it. He wasn’t able to make sense of all of it, but it seems that the fundamental principal that the Celestial Empire genetic modifications are based on worked differently in the region of space they are located in. Sigma is devoting all of it’s resources to determining what is going on as this is a grave threat to the Empire.

Carter spent the remaining two hours before the ship reached its destination in frustration as all but one of the scientists and engineers on the ship insisted he was crazy, wrong or retarded when he tried to explain what he had learned from Sigma. The other researcher Lucas Frank believes that additionally, any plugins will not work, but won’t cause the extensive harm the genetic modifications do when they fail.

Finally, the ship arrives in the system and Mattias sends Benjamin forward in time 24 hours in the hopes that they will have solved whatever is going on here. First the crew will have to figure out what is even going on before they can even think about how to reverse it. To make matters worse, as soon they entered the system everyone became slightly nauseous and Mattias’ unseen sense began to act up, seeming to be both off and triggering at everything.



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