Shadows in the Void

The Blood Will Tell

If you only listen

Once Lucas Frank’s mind had been momentarily cleared of the horrible knowledge it contained the effects began to fade. The captain of the Pathfinder was able to navigate back to where Benjamin Anderson was sent forward in time and he seemed to be mostly unharmed.

Thanks to Mattias’ ‘luck’ the crew is able to access the teleportation drive’s controls and set a course for The Empty Highway where they met up with Lily and the Dead Dreaming. Before the ship teleported Carter disabled all outgoing communication equipment that he could find in the hopes that would prevent the ship from phoning home. Mattias and the Raugraf worked to make sure neither Carter or Lucas remembered what they had learned. Lucas talked with Carter privately and expressed his thanks for saving him and the other Shadow Dredgers. “If there is anything I can do for you guys, let me know.”

Once back in known space in a system with a Gate, the Shadow Dredgers seemed much more comfortable. They asked to take Benajmin with them so they can determine how he infiltrated their secret research station. The captain also asked what the crew was planning on doing with the Celestial Empire ships. “One of those could ensure our researchers weren’t guessing. We would have a full working model with all the support programs.”

After a few days Overseer Bradley sends back what he could find about Palith.

There does seem to be something going on on Palith. Our reports indicate that there has been a peculiar increase in violent events reported. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious cause for them. CPG has a small garrison of troops there, most of our records relate to the mines that have closed down on the planet. However, I do know that James Lewis is currently in charge of the garrison which numbers about 50. Personally, while something is going on, it doesn’t seem like it is worth investigating.

Carter comes across a video posted on Network Zero uploaded by Atrax that appears to be an Adherents of Unity meeting. There are about thirty or so members and the camera is jostled around a fair amount, but Carter can clearly make out Elder Marbeth as one of the people in charge. The audio is fairly muffled, but it sounds as if they are planning on recruiting members from some of the smaller CPG settlements.

Over the course of the week a few news articles catch your eye:

- Universe Today -

Transduction Electronics founder caught!

The founder of Transduction Electronics, Dr Madeline Malony, was captured yesterday after years of pursuit. CPG officials stated that they had been closing in on the Doctor for weeks now. Madeline is wanted for multiple crimes of blackmail, fraudulent bio-technical practices and stealing state secrets. She is expected to be sentenced to life in jail. Sources close to the case inform us that she may never even see trial, as CPG fears she may try and use a public trial to expose what she knows.

- The Lightspeed Chronicle -

Terrorists Strike Vampire Homeworld

A few weeks ago a group of Terrorists known only as Seven attacked cities across the Vampire Nation Homeworld. As if the artificial destruction of their sun wasn’t enough, these terrorists struck sites across the planet. Information about the attack is scarce due to the vampire’s untrusting nature and the unwillingness of any member of government to give an interview. However, we do know that Seven is a new threat to the vampires, possibly even the work of an external force trying to get a few blows in while they are distracted.

- Universe Today

New Sea Swept Tower Expedition Announced

A powerful Changeling claiming to be the “King of Autumn” announced yesterday that he was planning an expedition to the Sea Swept Tower. He has amassed a fleet of ten ships full of followers and treasure seekers who hope to discover and plunder the secrets of the tower. It seems doubtful that he will have any more luck than the countless attempts to breach it’s walls.

- Galactic Gazette -

Vampire Kingdoms Forge New Alliances

Shocking the world today, The Thann Protectorate announced today that they were in talks with RPC. The details of these talks secret, but it is clear that some kind of alliance or treaty is in the works. Closely following the protectorate’s announcement, CPG announced that they had granted permission to Har Walium to settle on an uninhabited world inside CPG space. A CPG official who wished to remain anonymous stated that membership in the Coalition was not off the table, but that “We’ll naturally take things slow, but we are already a diverse people who embrace and respect many different kinds of individuals. Should they want to become members and follow the same rules as everyone else, I don’t see why not”. When asked for comment Vath Mel Dralian and Albion refused comment while the other Kingdoms announced that they have found new homeworlds, but intend to form an alliance of sovereign planets.

- Universe Today -

Blood Slavers Spotted on Palith

As if the planet Palith didn’t have enough troubles with their rising crime, a group of Blood Slavers have been spotted on the planet today. So far they have kept to the wilderness and have not attacked either of the settlements, but are near a Shadow Dredger archaeological dig north of the settlements. Our hearts go out to those researchers and we hope they can keep their site secure until the garrisoned troops can deal with the beasts.



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