Shadows in the Void

The Joining

Dearly beloved...

Once on their ship with Madeline Maloney, the crew is able to leave Akkash without arousing any suspicion. They then make their way to the Hua Long and begin preparing for The Ritual.

As they are preparing the Ritual, Carter continues to remove any extra unwanted security measures The Celestial Empire still had in place on the ship. Currently many of the systems are offline pending a through inspection, but all the essential systems are up and clean.

Tristan Sylvester calls up the Raugraf sounding worried. “Daddy has been acting weirdly lately, I know he’s mad about us, but he won’t talk to me about it. He’s been meeting with strange men and spending a lot of time alone in his room reading old books. He hates reading! He used to say he’d rather pay a man to read books and tell him what he needed to know than read the damn things himself.”

Carter receives an encoded message from Rory Clayton

I’m glad to see you got my message and I hope it was helpful. I’m sorry I had to be so obscure, but I didn’t want to risk anyone discovering our connection as that would have compromised the mission. In the future any time one of us needs to covertly contact the other I suggest we use the code phrase ‘Cold as Ice’ or another of your choosing.

I believe that I have dealt with all recordings of you entering the Jane Watson’s office, however, I suggest you be more careful in the future. Given the high profile nature of the target a detailed investigation is already underway which will no doubt include her lawyer.

As discussed earlier I have located a telekinetic plugin as requested, please let me know when and where is convenient for you and I will see to it that a doctor of your choosing receives the part. Additionally I have seen to it that the ship you mentioned will be marked as on detached, covert duty and will receive no CPG based trouble.

Lily reports that she was able to convince the Terrible Tiller not to go forward with his plan to attempt to break into The Sea Swept Tower. She notes that she may have possibly implied that The Maestro would personally guarantee that he failed should he foolishly continue his expedition.

Du’Stoth calls Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” up, claiming to have some items that may be of interest. " Testament of the Architect is an old tome that promises great power to those that can decipher it. The Praying Triad is a statue that aids in meditation and travel to the Astral spaces. I am uncertain what the Eternity Cube holds, but if the warnings about it are to be believed it must be quite powerful. Lastly, I have something that I think you will find interesting, if completely non-magical, a set of Celestial Empire history books written for teenagers. Please let me know if any of those are of interest and, or if your interests have changed."

In the few days it takes to get Madeline settled and the ritual prepared and performed a few interesting news articles come up.

- Space Times -
Riots break out on Palith

Riots have broken out in the two major cities on Palith following the increased security measures put in place to deal with the Blood Slaver threat detected on planet earlier this week. CPG declared a state of emergency on Palith when it’s garrison was overrun by a mob protesting the increased security measures instituted to keep the citizens safe. A small team of Silver Eyes were sent to the planet and successfully dealt with the Blood Slaver threat, but are now on extended duty assisting CPG forces keep the peace.

Sources inside CPG military command report that Martial Law is not off the table and may be implemented if the current forces and the incoming reinforcements are unable to control the riots.

- Universe Today -
Transduction Electronics Founder Tried In Secret

Dr. Madeline Maloney was tried earlier today in a closed hearing. Sources inside CPG state that the trial was short and that she plead guilty on all but one count. She has been sentenced to life in prison, the location of which has not been disclosed. It is still unclear if she will be held accountable for the monetary damage she caused.

- Galactic Gazette -
Tashet secedes from the Coalition of Planetary Governments

Shocking the universe today the leaders of Tashet announced today that they are leaving CPG and will be joining The Celestial Empire effective immediately. CPG officials denied forehand knowledge of the secession and stated that there was “no need to panic. Tashet’s withdrawal from the Coalition will have no effect on the strength of the other members.”

A spokeswoman from the Celestial Empire stated “Today marks a new era in the Celestial Empire. Gone are the days of exclusion, gone are the days of seclusion. We welcome any planet, station, moon or any other group of people that wish to join us. Tashet felt that the safety and increases to quality of life we could provide were well worth the temporary inconveniences of leaving the Coalition of Planetary Governments. As I’m sure many others do as well, should you see the benefits of our protection and guidance we would be glad to welcome you into the Empire.”


I believe that the capital ship is pretty integral to the setting getting into full swing and so no XP is required for it. Info for Resources 6+ are on The Illuminati page.



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