Shadows in the Void

The Joining Part 2: The Hidden Foe

Disaster Strikes!

Shortly after the crew completed the ritual with The Sentinel they returned to the Dead Dreaming only to discover that the hallways had been infested with some sort of glowing fibers seeming to have erupted from the walls. They are able to trace the infestation to it’s source, the engine room. However, the doors are welded shut. While the crew is attempting to open the doors the fibers come to life and wrap themselves around Raugraf Ordulf. He struggles valiantly, but the glowing fibers pin him to the ground and begin to drain the Vitae out of him.

Suddenly a distorted voice booms out over the intercom “Fools, did you simply forget that I was here? My time of waiting is over! I have secured my rightful place in the Engine Room and there is nothing you can do to stop the Melding!” As the crew stands shocked, not sure what to make of the manicial turn Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl seems to have taken, Raugraf Ordulf’s body lets out a creak as the fibers stand it up and begin to move it towards the party with slow, jerking movements.

Mattias Quincy quickly stops the lurching radioactive vampire zombie in time allowing the rest of the crew to escape, however one of the fibers snakes out and catches his ankle as he rounds the corner. The three remaining crew members quickly make their way to the bridge and barricade themselves inside. Carter begins to bring up the ship schematics and plot the quickest route to a shuttle so that they can escape. While he is working the route out Aarovin The Archivist and Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” hear a rustling noise in the ceiling. Moments later dozens of fibers burst out above the main terminal and wrap themselves around Carter Altman. Seskatonkwa shifts into Gauru form and rips the fibers from the ceiling, freeing Carter. He then rips the door open and begins to rip and tear his way through the web of fibers.

The three remaining crew make it to the shuttle bay just as Seskatonkwa’s Gauru form wears off and the fibers finally wrap around his arms and legs, suspending him in mid air. Despite their shock Carter and Aarovin hear the engines rev beyond their safety limits and the hull and fibers begin to hum with energy. Once again Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl‘s distorted voice booms over the ship’s speakers, “Ahhhh, that feels much better. Why do you resist? I offer power, pure power!” And as soon as he speaks the word power, the two remaining crew feel the air charge with electicity. Carter attempts to get out of the open, but isn’t quick enough as jolt of lightning arcs from the wall to his neural implant and he falls over limp. Knowing his only hope was to get off the ship Aarovin slams open the airlock door’s emergency override and is sucked into space with the shuttle. As he tumbles through space he sees small fibers begin to emerge from the hull of the ship and a glow spread. His last thought before the cold takes him is that the light is quite beautiful.


Power! Unlimited power!

The Joining Part 2: The Hidden Foe
falls from the sky… Everyone dies.
The Joining Part 2: The Hidden Foe

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