Shadows in the Void

The Joining: Part 5

The Trap is Sprung

With their plan to lure Basil Malone back to Tashet in motion, the crew continued to interview the senators, some of the pages and other political functionaries. During the next 24 hours before the CPG task-force arrived a pattern started to appear. It appeared that Basil focused his meetings with senators who were on the fence or mildly against the resolution. Two of the senators mentioned being initially suspicious, but their suspicions turned out to be nothing, as they had hired supernatural investigators to make sure that they weren’t being manipulated.

After the task-force arrives the crew hands off their reports and is firmly asked to stop interviewing senators as the ‘professionals’ will take over. The next day a group of senators from the Agricultural continent put forth a movement that decrees the secession illegal under Tashet law using the Legal Arguments the crew discovered. The next day the crew hear that many of the taks-forces’ appointments have been canceled as the senators are deep in talks about the legislation. Many of the senators who voted for the secession are seen entering the temporary Celestial Empire headquarters.

With the uncertainty of government now looming over the population, the people of Tashet have grown uneasy and concerned. The Celestial Empire announced that they will be hosting a public Symposium to try and answer any questions the population has to offer. They request that one of the members of the CPG party give a talk and take part in a debate.



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