Shadows in the Void

Time Flies

When you are a time mage

It’s been three weeks since the Crew met up with Lily. For the most part you’ve been successful in keeping a low profile. Raugraf Ordulf put out some feelers about buying a capital ship, but nothing substantive has come up yet.

Once you got off Jaakko Lily was able to recount a more cohesive story of what happened to her. It seems that she was on the planet doing a bit of studying of the shard and mostly being bored when she detected a ship in orbit. She quickly used the Shard to open an avernian gate and fled into the underworld. After about two days of constant travel through the underworld she ended up on Anderson’s Landing. The settlers there fed her and got her back on her feet, but she didn’t feel safe staying there, they were starting to ask questions she didn’t want to answer, so she left. She ended up on a desert planet next and left quickly. She then spent time in the underworld seeking out the ghost of her brother and sent him to Mattias with her message. Once he was away she headed to the nearest planet she could find, which was Jaakko. Once she escaped from the morgue there she was not able to make her way to another avernian gate without much trouble. She used the chaos in the hopes that Mattias would be able to find her and spent her time trying to find maps of the underworld on Jaakko and the nearby area in case she needed to run again.

As you are planning your next move you see a few interesting articles in the newspaper.

Week One

Shortly after leaving Jaakko the Raugraf’s house contacts him with their analysis of his ship. They found three tracking devices of various designs, but nothing to sabotage the ship. The VII was painted on his door in human blood or vitae, time and space had made it impossible to tell which. VII had been fairly quiet during The Vampire Nation‘s tight rule. It seems they were becoming more active now, as to if the graffiti was a message or a warning for him they don’t know.

You notice an interesting article in ‘Space Times

CPG Welcomes Vampire Traitor

Gelphi — The Coalition of Planetary Governments announced today that Fujita Mason, former Sheriff in the Vampire Nation would be working in an advisory capacity within the Planetary Observation Service. “I believe that Fujita has the potential to help soothe out any misunderstanding that we might have with the Vampire Nation.” said Rory Clayton, Mason’s new supervisor. “Whatever his current relations with the ruling councils, Fujita knows what their traditions are and will be invaluable in avoiding missteps.”

A source who wished to remain anonymous inside the Central Government disagreed. “That man can’t be trusted. He betrayed his people, we have no evidence that he won’t do the same to us.”

Given recent events it comes as no surprise that CPG is trying to get more insight into the inner workings of the Vampire Nation. Is it worth the risk that comes along with sheltering a Vampire? Much less a traitor to his own people. Time will tell.

Fujita Mason was not available for comment.

- Universe Today -

CPG Hires More Mercenaries

Earth — The CPG Stragetic Council announced today that they would be renewing their policy of hiring mercenaries to combat the Blood Slaver menace. They have announced that they would be contracting some, but not all, of the forces for their upcoming offensive. This offensive claims to be targeting a major base of the Blood Slavers, but sources inside the Council have remained silent to further questioning.

Week Two

After research on and off while things Aarovin finally has had some time to do some in depth research on the two tomes you have found, one from Elder Maribeth and the other retrieved from The Blood Slavers in the The Realm of Rattling Bones. He discovers that the tomes seem to be part of a set and that there are five others. He is also able to determine that the covers of the books are made out of flesh. The two books that you have so far seem, based on their illustrations to cover different supernatural creatures. The one the Blood Slavers had seems to deal primarily with the Arcane, Elder Maribeth’s tome has many illustrations of shadowy figures and warped creatures.

The Galactic Gazette has an article about Anderson’s Landing

Sky Clans Behind Anderson’s Landing Attack

The CPG has finally released their findings on the missing colony on Anderson’s Landing in a press release this morning. “We are sad to announce that the settlers of Anderson’s Landing were attacked and killed by Clan Talis of The Sky Clans. Our deepest condolences go out to their families, but they can rest assured that we will not let this assault on our nations stand. We are currently in talks with what little central organization they have and if a peaceful settlement cannot be reached then we will eliminate the threat.“

Contact was lost with Anderson’s Landing over three weeks ago. When the investigation team arrived there they gave a brief report of the settlement being abandoned, but were not heard from again. Sources close to the Military say that the first team is believed to be lost, their ship destroyed by the Sky Clans. A second investigation team was sent with a large military escort, however when they arrived there was little to find. Until now CPG had been very tight lipped about any results the second team had found. We now know why, clearly they wanted to be 100% sure before they risked starting a war with The Sky Clans.

Raugraf Ordulf receives a report from Rory Clayton regarding the ‘Incident’ with his ship at the conference. The report is quite detailed, but most of it is not interesting in the least. Much of it can be summed up as “Things that didn’t happen”. The main findings were:

  • Extensive analysis confirms that someone or something rendered invisible to cameras (possibly human sight) wrote the symbol on the ship seemingly by dipping their hand into some collection of blood and then dragging it across the door.
  • There were three people unaccounted for at the time, all of them minor servants of attendees.
  • An investigation into Baldwin’s movements after the conference has begun, however the report seems to consider this unlikely to lead anywhere.
  • No investigation or questioning of the vampire suspects was initiated, Rory wishes you the best of luck talking with your own people.

- The Lightspeed Chronicle -

Celestial Empire Now Accepting New Members

Gelphi — The Celestial Empire shocked everyone today when they announced that they would be accepting applications into their nation. Potential citizens can apply and take an aptitude to see if they would fit in in the empire and what job they would hold. A spokesman said “We will now welcome all talented individuals who wish to learn from the best and push their skills to the max.” The CPG has not yet released a statement in response to this announcement, however, RPC was quick to start slinging the mud and reminding everyone of all of the questionable decisions the Celestial Empire has made in the past.

Week Three

- Universe Today -

CPG Strike On Yuggoth Success

Earth — The Coalition of Planetary Governments announced today that their military strike on a major Blood Slaver base completed it’s first stage yesterday. Located on the planet Yuggoth the base was a major communications and organizational hub for the Blood Slavers. With this base out of action Command believes that the major Blood Slaver threat is over.

Inside sources claim that the mercenaries were critical to the success of the mission. “The Silver Eyes played an important role in keeping the mission from delaying too long. Their refusal to wait for proper procedure cost them some of their pay, but got the job done ahead of schedule.” It seems that the so called Silver Eyes, named for the artificial eye each leader have, aren’t the types to just sit by and wait for permission. We were able to contact the man who lead the mission on the ground, truly not someone you’d like to be in the same room as. When asked for details about his mission he merely stared at us, one eye artificial, the other pure, jet black and said “Get that camera out of my face.”

You see a number of articles spring up about a new radical splinter faction that has been gaining prominence in The Bilex System called The Adherents of Unity. They seem to be dedicated to a full union with ghosts at any cost.



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