Amar Kelig

Trashy Romance Novel Writer


Amar is quite attractive with a hard to place foreign aspect to his face. He wears a wears antiquated clothes often of ancient CPG military issue. He seems to be in quite good shape despite seeming to never excersize.

He often carries a backpack full of papers with notes and short sections of his novels. While his novels are certainly no work of brilliance, they seem to be fairly popular due to their perceived accuracy related to supernatural elements.


His most popular novel centered around a romantic relationship between a mortal woman and the ghost of her husband. The book culminates in a scene when the ghost finally realizes that his presence and involvement in his former wife’s life is only preventing her from moving on with her life and he passes on to the world below. His next book is rumored to be a sordid and epic story about a vampire who falls in love with a woman and then her daughter when she dies.

Amar Kelig

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