Haunted Hit Man


Clide is a well built man who stands about 6 feet tall. He has jet black eyes, if you ask him about it, he will tell you he payed a guy to do it. Clide tends to wear T-shirts and cargo pants, that lack any kind of identifying markings. He looks to be mid twenties but has the skill sets of someone older.


Clide was born on the Douglas when it was first settled. The ship thrived with culture and life. The virus spread quickly, The ships colony desired to be gods. The ship set out when Clide was 10. After searching for 3 years the ships culture was degrading. It went from paradise to a ghetto. Clide lost a few family members over the course of the following 6 years when they finally found what they were looking for. The abyss devoured majority of the colony. A small percentage were scared by the darkness and escape the ship on shuttles. Clide’s family disappeared with the exception of his little sister. They escaped to the nearby Hive planet of Volonx. The Consilium made a unanimous decision to purge the unclean. Clide and his sister were split up when the survivors were being murdered. Clide was able to stay hidden due to gift from the darkness. He was picked up Task Force Valkyrie after being arrested for beating the shit out of a few arrogant newly awakened mages and their followers. It was with TFV that he honed down his hitman skills. Not afraid to kill a man but truly takes his pride on his ability to infiltrate anything. He was drawn to the other for the chance to search for his sister. Last he heard she was still alive and quite powerful.


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