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Juthirbog cuts an odd figure. He wears the combat uniform of a fleet officer from a bygone era, muted brown and blue leather. His skin is pale with an obvious blue tint. He lacks a number of typical human features such as fingernails, nose, and ears. You are unsure as to how he hears and he is unwilling to discuss it. The skin is pulled tight over his face, giving him an unnaturally intense visage, his mouth seems to snarl and his eyes to be bulging out. This is further accented by the scars that cover his hands and face. They are symmetrical and clearly were inflicted by someone deliberately. He is svelte and moves with a measured grace. He appears as, and is, a severe and distant man.
All around him there is a chill air and an unnatural quiet. If you manage to spend more than a few moments within the mantle you swear you can hear hushed voices which grate on your spine, and strange glowing symbols hover on the edges of your vision.


Unknown Briefing

As far as anyone can tell Juthirbog (Apparently pronounced both JEW-THEER-BOAG and YOU-THEER-BOAG) is simply a pseudonym. Who this man was before his abduction remains a mystery he seems unwilling to speak about. If you can reach them, find them, and deal with them… you can ask the gentry.

It seems likely that he was a combat pilot. Probably a damn good one at that. Good enough to have had his pick of jobs before he was disappeared. His time in Arcadia had simply made him more dangerous. It appears that he was Aide De Camp to a Fey General. We aren’t terribly sure what this involved but Juthirbog seems to have quite a knack for getting his way. There are also unconfirmed reports that he is a very capable surgeon. How these talents were honed is probably best left unasked, what we know of the gentry is hardly pleasant.

In regards to the psychological effects his time in Arcadia had on him: he seems to be something of a paranoiac. His cockpit contains a bolt-hole to a hedge hollow. He also appears to have a number of pure iron implements, an element quite painful to both him and those who would seek to re-appropriate him. He cultivates an aura of mystery and fear about him, but it remains obvious that he is entirely dependent on the crew he makes himself a part of. We suspect that without them he would quickly lose what remains of his grasp on reality.


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