Gauss Pistol

Gun that fires metallic darts with a powerful electromagnetic charge.

weapon (ranged)

Damage 3L Range 35/70/140 clip 6 size 1/j cost 000


MagnaTech Industries X37 “raging wolf” gauss pistol is a truly formidable weapon. Sporting the the MagMax 3tm electromagnet, it is able to generate an astonishing 31.3 teslas in .08 seconds. Firing a hardened steel/tungsten composite flechette weighing 11.85 grams at a muzzle velocity of 490 m/s. That is a muzzle energy of 1409 joules! With numbers like that, its no wonder this weapon has earned a reputation of being able to put down a raging Werewolf down for the count. Some customers prefer our special “squash head” rounds for increased lethality. Ask for them by name!

Gauss Pistol

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