Kovrov's Cannon


As Human beings started increasing the human potential, so did the need for a larger gun. The Kovrov Cannon was first conceived by smugglers and renegades. They needed a gun that would eat through armor, man and even the ship behind them. At the time there was an excess supply of military grade 20mm anti-craft rounds. The gun was born weighing 40 pounds unloaded and had the ability to be fitted with a 20 round drum or 10 round magazine. This fully automatic cannon could not be wielded by normal humans and has even been reported to kill its user if he did not have the required strength to harness the recoil. It was rather bulky but would eat through a medium craft like a hot knife through butter. It also worked quite well as a close combat weapon just based of sheer size and mass. After its release, a few other versions have come out making it more effective. Also because the rounds are large enough to house explosives or other dangerous material. Different types of ammo can be found. It is not a hard gun to find but is illegal to the CPG because of it potency and power.

Kovrov’s Cannon str 5/6/7 damage 6 range 40/80/160 (1 close combat)



Kovrov's Cannon

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