Plasma pistol

A small gun that fires balls of superheated plasma

weapon (ranged)
Damage Size Strength Ranges Clip Cost Special
2L 2 20/40/80 10 •• With an exceptional success, will light flammable materials

Plasma technology was initially restricted to military use only. But, when manufacturers were finally given permission to begin sales to civilians, they faced an unforeseen obstacle. Civilians were afraid that plasma weaponry was “too powerful”. Rumors persisted of instances where the intermix chamber would overload, causing the plasma gun to blow up like a grenade in its user’s hands.
Ironically, it would be a DIVE (Deeply Immersive Virtual Entertainment) series that would rehabilitate the image of plasma weapons. “The Adventures of the Last Space Cadet” was a long-running weekly DIVE program. Viewers were impressed by the outlandish adventures of Cadet Jenkins, fighting attacking waves of blood slavers, executing a Sky Clan war chief, always with the help of his trusty plasma pistol.

Nowadays, plasma pistol sales number in the tens of millions annually. Long years of reliable service have dispelled the rumors of plasma explosions, and consumers now value the power that once was considered excessive. And young boys still imagine growing up to be Cadet Jenkins, and strapping on the badge of the Space Cadets, and holstering their trusty plasma shooter.

Plasma pistol

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