Shadows in the Void

Conversion (part 4)

Lily is missing — ostensibly taken by The Chorus of Nightmares — and the crew are hellbent on finding her. Even if they must storm into Arcadia, itself. Of course, to do that they’ll need help…

Conversion (part 3)

The crew (and Lyssa) attempt to track down the mysterious stranger who was conducting research at the temple of the now-banished Chorus of Nightmares.


Lily and Stenton indicate that Nightmare Hounds are inside the shop with them, but as the crew is already at the mysterious stranger’s hangar, they caution them to be careful and sit tight.

The hangar appeared empty, however. While most of the crew looked around trying to figure out what was going on, Clide puzzled his way through the invisible maze, eventually finding his way to a bare, unmarked spaceship.

The ship housed tens — hundreds! — of black eggs covered in faint, green-glowing runes. The runes glowed brighter when Awakened magic was near. In the cockpit, Clide found a set of coordinates and was investigating one of the eggs when the rest of the crew finally made their way inside. Once there, they agreed the ship must be destroyed and Mattias reached out with his soul to activate the Abyssal runes controlling the ship, directing it to Aequinoctium’s sun.

Meanwhile, Roger was making his way to Stenton’s workshop in an attempt to save Lily. When he arrived, however, the Brambles had broken through and the shop was in near-total darkness. Stenton had been bodily removed from the robotic limb that served as his legs and was bleeding out near a tangle of Thorns and Lily was nowhere to be found. When Roger approached Stenton, he was greeted by the Chorus of Nightmares. Rather than flee like any sane person, Roger confronted the Chorus in an attempt to find his sister. The Chorus trapped Roger and obliged by showing Roger horrific hallucinations of Lily until it apparently grew bored and left him broken and insane.

The crew took the only realistic option at this point, which was to plan for an invasion of Arcadia through the Hedge, and have agreed to sleep so Template and Craven could “arm them.”

Conversion (part 2)

For the center of Changeling power, Aequinoctium seems awfully empty. And under the surface, no one seems that concerned about the Nightmare Hounds. And what the hell is the Chorus of Nightmares?


The crew talked with Swiftfoot, who instructed them to talk to a couple Winter Court changelings who had been pestering him for a while. The two, Craven and Template, told the crew that Nightmare Hounds were (hobgoblin) servants of The Chorus of Nightmares. Their fear is that it’s returning. Furthermore, according to the pair, a woman landed in an unmarked ship only days before the Brambles began interposing themselves on the planet.

After providing the crew with a one-time-use method of communication with them, Craven and Template sealed their hollow behind the group, and they found a full-scale invasion of Aequinoctium by the Thorns and Nightmare Hounds. The crew found a woman (Lyssa), badly injured, and saved her from a grisly death.

Lyssa told them that the woman arrived and worked with them, researching at the temple of the Chorus of Nightmares, at the very middle of the day side of the planet.

Conversion (part 1)

When the Dead Dreaming crawls to a landing, Aequinoctium seems empty, even for a wasteland. Where is everybody? And why are so few people willing to help them?


When the crew landed on Aequinoctium, their traffic controller was missing and their required escort never showed. But when stepping off the ship, they were attacked by a pack of Nightmare Hounds.

Once they were defeated, the crew was invited into the underground complex and met Stenton, a crippled wizened who made a deal to repair the Dead Dreaming. In return for repairing the ship and providing any information he can, the crew will stop the Brambles’ incursions and will give him one of their dreams (bottled).

Out of the frying pan (part 4)
Into the fire

The crew gains enough data to cross Light’s Edge and head into unknown space after The Vampire Nation. But at what cost?


The crew defeated the Blood Slavers, using Commodore Greyson and his ships as bait. The Blood Slavers used some sort of device that summoned/spawned a “Intruder”, which proceeded to wreak havoc. The crew used the Omaha to lure the creature to the system’s red dwarf sun and it got sucked into the star while the Omaha escaped. The star then collapsed into a black hole!

The Dead Dreaming and the Celestial Empire scout ship made their way to Aequinoctium to repair, recover and plan their next moves.

Out of the frying pan (part 3)
Crashing down

The crew finds the Vampire Nation’s agent on Gelphi but before they can get any answers, a complication arises that could mean trouble for the Celestial Empire!


The crew meets up with Gearalt Rowan and convinces Lily Jones (Roger‘s sister) to use her position as a double agent in The Vampire Nation to set up one final piece of bait (Commodore Greyson) in order to calculate a vector to the Vampire Nation’s homeworld.

Out of the frying pan (part 2)
Please allow me to introduce myself.

The crew continues investigating on Gelphi, revealing an uncomfortable secret!


The crew finished a medical supplies drop and went to meet Vincent’s black grey market contact contact (Lucius), in order to find the next contact up the line. During the meeting, however, Zadon (and three other Blood Slavers) murdered Lucius and fought the crew.

Zadon was forced to retreat while his blood slavers held off the crew, who (thanks to Mattias‘s mastery of Time) found Lucius’ superior anyway.

Roger was going to talk to her alone, when over the intercom, she asked “Roger? Is that really you?”

Out of the frying pan
... so where's the fire?

Suggested viewing

The crew is conscripted into The Celestial Empire and begins work to figure out the disaster with the Stygian Gates.


The crew has started on the trail of the suspected Vampire Nation agent on Gelphi by recovering a deal gone bad on behalf of Vincent Hu for Lucius, an operative of the Steel Brothers. Furthermore, Roger learned that CPG suspects there is a mole in the docks.

Roger also learned that CPG had flagged him as deceased, which can’t be good.

Captain Greyson has earned himself a title upgrade (to Commodore) by gaining two more ships.

Adrift, but not at peace
They're here

Suggested listening

It becomes clear why Zadon was so resistant to allowing the crew to leave on their newly assembled ship when the first travellers through the Stygian Gate in several days come through with their distress beacon blaring.


The crew assembled the Dead Dreaming and on their way out of the system nearly crashed into a derelict ship whose crew had been converted into Blood Slavers.

After destroying the wrecked ship, Suzanna Quincy hailed the Dead Dreaming from a Celestial Empire scout ship and informed them that the Stygian Gates had been transforming those who travel through them into Blood Slavers. Since the cargo the crew sold to Zadon was actually the only known fragment of a Stygian Gate, she has drafted them into service to undo the chaos they’ve unleashed on the universe.

Have Ship, Will Travel
An unexpected alliance?

The crew buys a new ship takes on new work.


Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl contacted the The Shadow Dredgers constructing Specimen 11 and made a down payment to have the scientists install their experimental engine in whichever ship the crew ends up buying. Carl also accepted an offer to join the Shadow Dredgers’ organization!

Clide requisitioned a lightning cannon (made famous by TFV’s Halberd-class ships), acknowledging that he’d need to take on jobs to pay it off.

Roger Jones Begun checking out the Dauntess, discovering that it’s haunted and coming face-to-face(s) with three pirate ghosts in its cockpit.

Mattias Quincy had a conversation with Zadon, who let slip that their oath would be broken if they left the system.


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