Shadows in the Void

The Joining Part 2: The Hidden Foe
Disaster Strikes!

Shortly after the crew completed the ritual with The Sentinel they returned to the Dead Dreaming only to discover that the hallways had been infested with some sort of glowing fibers seeming to have erupted from the walls. They are able to trace the infestation to it’s source, the engine room. However, the doors are welded shut. While the crew is attempting to open the doors the fibers come to life and wrap themselves around Raugraf Ordulf. He struggles valiantly, but the glowing fibers pin him to the ground and begin to drain the Vitae out of him.

Suddenly a distorted voice booms out over the intercom “Fools, did you simply forget that I was here? My time of waiting is over! I have secured my rightful place in the Engine Room and there is nothing you can do to stop the Melding!” As the crew stands shocked, not sure what to make of the manicial turn Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl seems to have taken, Raugraf Ordulf’s body lets out a creak as the fibers stand it up and begin to move it towards the party with slow, jerking movements.

Mattias Quincy quickly stops the lurching radioactive vampire zombie in time allowing the rest of the crew to escape, however one of the fibers snakes out and catches his ankle as he rounds the corner. The three remaining crew members quickly make their way to the bridge and barricade themselves inside. Carter begins to bring up the ship schematics and plot the quickest route to a shuttle so that they can escape. While he is working the route out Aarovin The Archivist and Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” hear a rustling noise in the ceiling. Moments later dozens of fibers burst out above the main terminal and wrap themselves around Carter Altman. Seskatonkwa shifts into Gauru form and rips the fibers from the ceiling, freeing Carter. He then rips the door open and begins to rip and tear his way through the web of fibers.

The three remaining crew make it to the shuttle bay just as Seskatonkwa’s Gauru form wears off and the fibers finally wrap around his arms and legs, suspending him in mid air. Despite their shock Carter and Aarovin hear the engines rev beyond their safety limits and the hull and fibers begin to hum with energy. Once again Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl‘s distorted voice booms over the ship’s speakers, “Ahhhh, that feels much better. Why do you resist? I offer power, pure power!” And as soon as he speaks the word power, the two remaining crew feel the air charge with electicity. Carter attempts to get out of the open, but isn’t quick enough as jolt of lightning arcs from the wall to his neural implant and he falls over limp. Knowing his only hope was to get off the ship Aarovin slams open the airlock door’s emergency override and is sucked into space with the shuttle. As he tumbles through space he sees small fibers begin to emerge from the hull of the ship and a glow spread. His last thought before the cold takes him is that the light is quite beautiful.

The Joining
Dearly beloved...

Once on their ship with Madeline Maloney, the crew is able to leave Akkash without arousing any suspicion. They then make their way to the Hua Long and begin preparing for The Ritual.

As they are preparing the Ritual, Carter continues to remove any extra unwanted security measures The Celestial Empire still had in place on the ship. Currently many of the systems are offline pending a through inspection, but all the essential systems are up and clean.

The Blood Will Tell
If you only listen

Once Lucas Frank’s mind had been momentarily cleared of the horrible knowledge it contained the effects began to fade. The captain of the Pathfinder was able to navigate back to where Benjamin Anderson was sent forward in time and he seemed to be mostly unharmed.

Thanks to Mattias’ ‘luck’ the crew is able to access the teleportation drive’s controls and set a course for The Empty Highway where they met up with Lily and the Dead Dreaming. Before the ship teleported Carter disabled all outgoing communication equipment that he could find in the hopes that would prevent the ship from phoning home. Mattias and the Raugraf worked to make sure neither Carter or Lucas remembered what they had learned. Lucas talked with Carter privately and expressed his thanks for saving him and the other Shadow Dredgers. “If there is anything I can do for you guys, let me know.”

Test Drive (Part 3)
Can I go home now?

After an initial tussle with Aarovin The Archivist, the Celestial Empire Agent managed to convince the Shadow Dredgers on the ship that the crew was responsible for setting off the drive. However, this was not enough to cover his escape as Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” joined Aarovin and the two of them were easily able to detain him until Mattias Quincy and Carter Altman were able to sort it out.

Test Drive (Part 2)
What the Hell is going on here?

Following the concerns of Raugraf Ordulf‘s retainer, Kreimhild, about The Shadow Dredgers’s remarkable progress on the teleportation drive the crew decided to pay them a visit. Carter Altman first called up Jason Dross to see what information he could get. Jason and Carter instead went head to head, seeming to engage in some hidden power struggle and the call was over quickly. The crew then got the location of the ship from Kreimhild and went to visit them in the Beanstalk system.

Test Drive
Fancy a spin around the galaxy?

As the crew prepares to leave, they catch up on the news related to the explosions in the spaceport. It seems that Vampires from Vath Mel Dralian and Pax Sanctus have been identified as planting the explosives. Relations between them and The Thann Protectorate are pretty non existent now as the Protectorate accuses the other two of scheming to destroy them and prevent them from evacuating and the two Lancea Sanctum Kingdoms accuse the Protectorate of trying to start a war when they are evacuating. There is no mention of VII in the news.

Tainted Blood
Oh, that's negative

Having discovered that an agent of The Celestial Empire was behind the disappearance of the Anderson’s Landing Colonists, the crew decided not to pursue the matter any further for the moment. Carter passed on some of the information they gained along with a description of the man Mattias saw to Rory Clayton who informed them Basil Malone was a member of a highly influential faction within the Empire.

Over the course of the next week and a half the crew find themselves busy handling some of the more tedious details of their shipping company. Jerome Ast has been managing it well, but requires some guidance on how to proceed. The company has so far had little issue with their main shipment: Type T, Tyger‘s Artificial Blood. However, Tyger Industries has been threatening to find a new shipper if the company isn’t able to find more buyers. Jerome is well acquainted with the normal ins and outs of running a shipping company, but is out of his depth when it comes to finding buyers for other people’s product. He hopes that you will be able to smooth things out like you did when you set up the deal in the first place.

Time Flies
When you are a time mage

It’s been three weeks since the Crew met up with Lily. For the most part you’ve been successful in keeping a low profile. Raugraf Ordulf put out some feelers about buying a capital ship, but nothing substantive has come up yet.

Once you got off Jaakko Lily was able to recount a more cohesive story of what happened to her. It seems that she was on the planet doing a bit of studying of the shard and mostly being bored when she detected a ship in orbit. She quickly used the Shard to open an avernian gate and fled into the underworld. After about two days of constant travel through the underworld she ended up on Anderson’s Landing. The settlers there fed her and got her back on her feet, but she didn’t feel safe staying there, they were starting to ask questions she didn’t want to answer, so she left. She ended up on a desert planet next and left quickly. She then spent time in the underworld seeking out the ghost of her brother and sent him to Mattias with her message. Once he was away she headed to the nearest planet she could find, which was Jaakko. Once she escaped from the morgue there she was not able to make her way to another avernian gate without much trouble. She used the chaos in the hopes that Mattias would be able to find her and spent her time trying to find maps of the underworld on Jaakko and the nearby area in case she needed to run again.

As you are planning your next move you see a few interesting articles in the newspaper.

The Gathering (part 2)
The (hidden) agenda

With introductions done with the conference gets underway and it seems that not everyone is up front about their motives!


The Gathering
Vyce to meet you

Some of the crew is invited to attend a conference/meet and greet between CPG and the Vampire Nation (with some guests).

The conference is set to take place over two days and allow the two groups to create points of contact to help with further negotiations. Additionally it is designed to help air any questions or concerns that either side may have.

The conference is being held on Vyce Station and is not being announced to the public. CPG is handling the security and is being very careful to not screw anything up, lest they be shown incapable of smooth negotiations with outside powers.


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