Shadows in the Void

From the Shadows (part 4)
Fractured Unity

As they are gathering their ‘forces’ and making their plans an unexpected event presents a unique opportunity for the crew to move on the Blood Slaver station, but they must move now. Will they make it in time or will the Blood Slavers have recovered?

It seems that Lauren has left the blood slavers in the cold! The Carthians have organized their people to move on the homeworld and Fujita Mason has rounded up some pirates and other unsavory characters to help. The Carthians were also able to get Raugraf Ordulf on the station to get the lay of the land.

Just as the crew was going to go and retrieve the Stygian Shard the rest of the Blood Slaver’s alliance has falls to pieces when the Maricaibo attack the station.

From the Shadows (Part 3)
The Gathering

What is Lauren Anders up to? Why didn’t she attack right away? Is Mason right about some key members being missing? Join us next session to find out the answers to these and many more questions!

The party had a surprisingly civil talk with Lauren during which it was revealed that she now had Mathias’ soul stone. They then left the Carthians after working out a tentative agreement. After that they dropped Mason off (in vacuum) to meet with some of his contacts. And, finally they released their other passengers.

From the Shadows (Part 2)
Now it's your turn

Witty teaser of the session that I didn’t write because I’m bad!

Mason offered the crew two ways to get updated information about what’s been going on in the Vampire Nation, either go to a colony where they’d have to avoid detection or contact some outcast Carthians. The crew chose to visit the Carthians and didn’t get the most warm of welcomes, but they laid out their proposal. Once they had returned to their ship and were discussing how exactly to proceed the mages detected a space spell targeting Mathias that seems to be from Lauren Anders

From the Shadows (part 1)
Picking up the pieces

The crew returns to Yuggoth to find it’s not quite how they had left it. Susanna’s Celestial Empire scout ship has left and Harkin has been busy. Fujita Mason has a favor to ask of the crew. What exactly happened to Clide and will he be coming back?

Mason asked the crew to provide him with some blood and everyone but Vincent worked on a plan. They eventually went down to the planet and purchased four slaves for Mason. They then offered the slaves the option of staying on and giving Mason blood for a few weeks in exchange for a good sum of money when it was all over.

Into the Dark (part 5)
Exit Strategies

The crew managed to get onto the station with no trouble, but with Clide missing and Blood Slavers after them they were forced to abandon stealth in favor of speed. After a painful encounter with a blood slaver patrol the crew managed to make their way to Vested Mercer’s cell. On their way back with the priest the party heard sounds of fighting. With a little computer work Carter discovered that a large fight is going on in one section (one of the pressure doors was knocked out of it’s frame!) and there are notifications of an invisible phantom stalking the station in another section.

What is Clide up to? What else is going on on the station? And where is Zadon?


The crew made their exit from the station and picked up Fujita Mason and some escaped slaves. Clide seems to have made his own way and sent the crew a download of some encrypted files he found in Zadon’s room. They are now heading back to the slave market to plan their next steps.

Into the Dark (part 4)
Knock Knock

The crew of the Dead Dreaming and Carter Altman are planning on attacking Distribution Center 17 to rescue Carter’s ‘father’, Vested Mercer. Carter’s information also places Zadon on the station. Will they attempt to kill or capture him or will they stick to the plan and just get Mercer out? Will they find out what Zadon is doing on the station?

The crew managed to make it on the station undetected, but quickly had to leave the hangar deck to avoid a group of blood slavers. Clide separated from the group and they have not heard from him. As they entered the hallway they set off IR sensors and had to deal with a group of blood slavers sent to deal with them. Vincent was severely injured and the last one attempted to carry him off when things went badly for the security team.

They then managed to make their way to Vested Mercer’s room and rescued him and a small boy. The rest they directed to escape pods. As the crew was making their way out they heard what sounded like a battle going on in a different section of the station. Carter looked in the security system and found that there seemed to be a battle in one place and in another place there were reports of an invisible intruder.

Into the Dark (part 3)
Now it's personal

The rebel Harkin provides them with some useful information among his hate filled ranting. There is another resistance member on the planet, one who claims to have cracked the Blood Slaver’s orbital security codes. But before he will assist the party he has a favor to ask…


The crew met Harkin‘s other resistance contact on the planet, Carter Altman. Their introduction could have gone smoother… on both sides… However, they seem to have put (some) of their differences behind them and planned to attack a Blood Slaver slave holding station Distribution Center 17 to rescue carter’s father. Carter has then promised to give them the security codes to VN space that he obtained.

Into the dark (part 2)
Pit stop

The crew has calculated a location from which The Vampire Nation has been attacking. Once there, will they be able to find a way to stop the galactic attack?

The crew located a relay station which had the coordinates for the other disease spreading stations. Lily was able to set it to broadcast random static instead in the hopes that would cause the disease to stop and not be noticed by the blood slavers. They also met up with Harkin who is a member of a anti-vampire resistance.

Into the dark (part 1)
Past the Light's Edge

The crew discovers information about the nature of the attack on the The Celestial Empire and the enemies arrayed against them, but will they be in time?

Cipher (part 5)

Events at The Celestial Empire research station begin to fit into the bigger picture when the crew recovers the station’s AI!


A Maricaibo Confederacy survivor revealed that he, along with The Vampire Nation and “their mage” want data that The Celestial Empire obtained via genetic research on vampires.

Once the crew had Vincent’s data and had decided to tell EspĂ­rito to fuck off, they blew up the data core for good measure.


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