Shadows in the Void

Cipher (part 4)
Assuming direct control

Alex’s real life has been hectic and made this session up as he went!


The crew followed the navigation path into the heart of The Celestial Empire research station. While searching through a pile of zombies, one of them reanimated (imagine that!), its eyes lighting up like fire. When it was outmatched, it smiled at them and exploded, burning through their suits.

After making their way into the cylindrical room, they saw rings of similar creatures smiling, cruelly at them.

Cipher (part 3)
Better left forgotten

The Dead Dreaming has crashed on a derelict Celestial Empire space station. Now they need to repair the ship to leave as well as find Vincent’s files and destroy them. Is the station truly empty, though?


The Celestial Empire space station seems to have been attacked by surviving remnants of Maricaibo Confederacy. The station’s spirit A.I., barely alive, guided the crew to where they could re-enable the station’s engines and life support systems.

Cipher (part 2)

Complications arise while researching The Celestial Empire’s genetic mutations.


The crew made their “donation” to The Marlan University and picked up their research ship.

Chloe wasn’t able to acquire all the record on Vincent and directed them to a derelict space station where the rest should be. Once there, Stenton’s repairs — apparently fae magic — fell apart, leaving them once again stranded.

Cipher (part 1)
Specialists needed, experience required.

The Hedge War is over and won and the Dead Dreaming is preparing to leave Aequinoctium. Disaster strikes their allies, however, jeopardizing their entire mission!


John Martindale helped Stenton escape to freedom after returning from Arcadia, stating that he thinks everyone deserves a second chance. Stenton, with John’s help, met up with the crew to complete their deal, using their bottled dreams as a means of escape.

Chloe Quincy, somehow aboard The Celestial Empire scout ship and claiming that her sister Suzanna never left her corporate job, called desperate for help. The Celestial Empire’s genetic modifications have started rapidly mutating, with the effects exponentially worse the more modified they are. Chloe has “drafted” the crew and wouldn’t you know, they just happen to have a geneticist.

Desperate Measures (part 5)
Beauty in dissonance

The crew has brought their army through the hedge with minimal casualties and have arrived at the stronghold of The Chorus of Nightmares. What awaits them within?


The trek to the obelisk was deadly, costing the crew almost half the army. Inside, they found dangerous, broken machinery blocking their ascent. Along the way were prison-style cells that seemed to contain will-o’-wisps and memories. Once freed, the will-o’-wisps merged to form a vaguely human form.

At the top of the stairs was a man-shaped hole with blood trickling out, with Lily trapped on the other side. There was abyssal writing implying that a changeling had his soul removed in order to become a true fae in exchange for a passage between worlds. Roger stepped into the opening and was crushed to death to open the door and free his sister.

Desperate Measures (part 4)
A thousand cuts

Finally, the army has arrived at The Chasm of Discordant Harmonies and begins making their way through the darkness. Can they defeat The Chorus of Nightmares and spare Lily the fate to which they condemned Lyssa?


A will-o’-wisp leads the army (mostly) safely through the Thorns. Along the way, ~300 “soldiers” die in various events that appear to be traps. Eventually, they end up in the deepest basin of the Chasm, at the obelisk of the Chorus of Nightmares.

Desperate Measures (part 3)
The descent

After finally arriving at The Chasm of Discordant Harmonies, the army climbs down into the dark.


The crew and the army marched a couple miles down the path, checking for traps as if it were some sort of Gygaxian adventure!

Desperate Measures (part 2)

After reuniting with the rest of their army, the crew must continue on their campaign. But the hedge brings danger their way and opportunities must be prioritized.


The crew decided to sacrifice leave their friend Lyssa Thompson, who they had rescued from a horrible fate, to the tender caresses of Tindalos, the True Fae.

Once out of its domain, and with their army whole, they proceeded through the Hedge toward The Chasm of Discordant Harmonies. Along the way, the forest they had been in shifted, dream-like, to a gigantic, disused mansion. Exploring there revealed two things. First, Clide was acting uncharacteristically friendly and helpful. Second, that the halls weren’t abandoned.

Vincent had tossed a pebble off the path to mess with an old clock, when the corner where the clock met the wall yawned open and glowing red eyes peered back at him. He ran for the main column, as a gigantic Ogre came after them. The Ogre bellowed at them to stay on the path and that straying from it would bring more Nightmare Hounds, which he also described as the Hounds of Tindalos. The army was forced to retreat.

Along the way, Mattias spied the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn. He left the path (and the retreating army) and with the assistance of his time magic, ran toward the tower. There, he met Tempus, and was forced to pass a trial: working his way inside a circle of stones connected by silvery strands or else be consumed by the Abyss. Mattias accidentally broke one of the strands and tried his best to repair it with only modest success. He manipulated the others to create a path for himself and entered the circle. Once there, Mattias ascended the tower and rewrote his name in the book he found at the summit. At the foot of the tower, he found a chess piece (a rook) made of lunargent.

Meanwhile, the army sent a scouting party to what appeared to be the entrance to the Chasm of Discordant Harmonies.

Desperate Measures (part 1)
Once more into the Hedge

The crew of the Dead Dreaming, together with their coalition of changelings, mortals, demons and even a few werewolves, step into the Hedge to hunt down and kill The Chorus of Nightmares. What will they find along the way?


Suzanna has been denied permission to engage in the crew’s campaign but has requisitioned genetic modifications as an advance for them.

As the war party entered the Hedge, the gate closed on them halfway through. Upon investigation, Stenton appears to have sabotaged it. The next closest gate required them to leave the Trod and follow another path.

Unfortunately, this lead them into the territory of a True Fey who took offense at their trespass and destruction. He insisted that they stay and repair their damage before proceeding on. The crew managed to talk him down to accepting a an apprentice for a period of time. Lyssa’s name was put forward, but before any final deal could be made, the negotiations gite sidelined by violence.

Tindalos revealed that Clide had been abyssally tainted and when Mattias tried to investigate, he turned his lightning cannon on the group. Tindalos revoked his hospitality, which included his ability to breathe underwater. After nearly drowning, the violence settled down.

In the aftermath, Mattias asked Tindalos if he had any knowledge of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn. In return for that information, Mattias agreed to let Tindalos take Clide, which would necessarily purge the abyssal corruption from him.

Conversion (part 5)

The crew has assembled a war party of Changelings, mortals, werewolves and a few stranger things to invade Arcadia, destroy The Chorus of Nightmares and rescue Lily Jones. Will they make it through the Hedge? Will the alliance hold? Is defeating the Chorus even possible?


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