Shadows in the Void

Collecting the Bounty
Apparently crime does pay

The crew appears to be leaning toward selling their salvage to Zadon the Blood Slaver instead of Overseer Bradley, as per the original bounty. Will they really choose money over integrity? Can they even trust Zadon?

A newcomer arrives and adds yet another dimension to a rapidly-deepening mystery.


The crew made the trade with Zadon, using Scrow’s security services, and makes a cool 1,258,740 credits each, which is stored in an anonymous account in a private bank.

They also researched new ships and available prototypes:

  • derelict ship
  • hedge ship (Pollex)
  • shadow dredger prototype

TF:V has several contracts open, one of which appealed to Clide: stealing the Winter King’s scepter.

Hide and Seek
Come out, come out, wherever you are

The crew of the Profit Margin must locate and deal with the Blood Slavers on their ship and deliver their cargo to the RPCS Hephaestus. The problem is, they’re outnumbered…


Zadon, the leader of the Blood Slaver group has offered 7 million credits (to Overseer Bradley’s 7,000) for their current cargo. The crew is deliberating…

Stowaways, part 2
We're still not there yet?

The two Frenzy-class ships the crew had previously driven off apparently had hung around and have intercepted the Profit Margin on its way to the nearby star.

Will they survive the attack? What was the strange shadow that flew toward the Profit? And why are their systems acting up?


The crew manages to drive off one of the Frenzies and destroys the others. However, three Blood Slavers make their way on board and work their way around the shipping crate.

After the fight, the crwe stoped for repairs at a refueling station. They convince Mokan to waive the costs in exchange for the wrecked RPC ship they had salvaged. Unfortunately, while Carl and Mokan were doing repairs, the Blood Slavers were somehow raising all but one of the corpses in the Profit Margin’s second storage bay.

Stowaways, part 1
Are we there yet?

After loading up the corpses of the RPC crew and securing both them and the shipping crate, the crew of the Profit spent a couple hours scouring the Profit for interlopers.

While this is happening, the external camera goes offline, and the crew takes this as a sign to leave the asteroid field in order to to buzz the system’s star, burning off the Blood Slavers who have caught onto the ship’s hull during the ship-to-ship fight.

A Routine Salvage
Don't worry, it's an easy job.

February 3rd, CPG year 154

A cargo transport has missed its rendezvous with the RPCS Hephaestus and the crew tries for the bounty. It should be a simple salvage operation.

Naturally, it’s too good to be true and another crew (the Ravenseye) is already salvaging the wreckage when the PCs arrive.

The crew chased off the two Blood Slavers ships attacking the Ravenseye. After convincing the Ravenseye to leave the bounty to them, as payment for saving them, they have begun ransacking the ship for supplies and the cargo crate.

There is evidence that the Blood Slaver vampires that were driven off during the fight are lurking around the two ships.

Employment History

The crew of the whatever-the-fuck-you-decide-on have been working together long enough to be if not strictly comfortable working together, at least able to function while working together.

Previous jobs include:

  • Salvage operations
  • High-priority transportation of personnel and goods
  • Scouting operations near the Light’s Edge
  • etc

For a flat rate (plus expenses), the whatever-the-fuck-you-decide-on will complete whatever job you need done!


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