Shadows in the Void

Prophecy from the Past (part 4)
The Heart of Darkness

After containing Abigail Taylor in a corridor and getting some minimal information out of her the crew turned their attention to the spirit that made her escape possible. The spirit seemed to be a massive amalgamation of various supernatural creatures including werewolves, promethean and changelings. When it proved to be quite unhelpful and unwilling to work with them Mattias and Seskatonkwa attacked and were able to destroy it’s manifest form.

Returning to the planet they once again met with the werewolf pack and attempted to extract some information. Jared Soft Paw was once again the only member of the pack to speak, much less leave urshal form. Despite being quite unwilling to help answer any questions at all the crew was able to get some information about the lost expedition from Seskatonkwa’s tribe. Jared claimed that some of them were on Dragonfly and that they hadn’t been found because they didn’t want to be found.

Not satisfied with just this information the party pressed Jared for more about the heat spike they detected in the jungle that occurred at the same time that the gate moved. When it became clear that they would not be satisfied until they got an answer Jared and the other two werewolves turned without another word and ran off into the jungle.

Prophecy from the Past (part 3)
An act of Desperation

The crew decided to wait on planet and see what the werewolves were after. After a while the werewolves took a break from their hunt to visit the camp and meet the crew. Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” had an awkward conversation with Jared Soft Paw who was not very forthcoming. The pack was unwilling to give up their quarry even for the short time it would take the crew to interrogate her. Surprisingly they simply left to continue their hunt and left the crew to their own devices. Not to be shown up by a mere pack of werewolves the crew located her via their ship’s sensors and Mattias opened a portal down to the planet where they captured her despite her attempts at resistance. Once back on the ship she was neither grateful nor truthful.

Going through her possessions you find a small arsenal including many weapons targeted specifically towards supernatural. A long silver combat knife and ‘sun grenades’ being only some of the items.

After finishing up their initial interrogation of Abigail the crew’s discussion of what they are going to do with her is interrupted by a tremor on the sip and a number of alerts. Power was interrupted in the area they are holding the prisoners and the cameras have gone offline for the moment. However, the last thing they recorded was a giant, humanoid section of the wall of Abigail’s cell begin to smolder and explode with a bright flash. The external sensors detected unusual gate activity at the same time, the entire gate was awash with a bright teal light that has now slowly faded, but appeared to be coming from the runes that cover its surface. The sensors also pick up a massive heat spike in one section of the jungle.

Carter Altman begins trying to get the cameras back, but it will be a minute or two before he will have them restored. In the mean time the gate slowly returns to normal and the heat spike radiates outwards into the jungle and fades back to normal.

Prophecy from the Past (part 2)
I've got a very bad feeling about this

After getting some preliminary information about the RPC expeditions to The Mtetwa System the crew set off to the system to try and rescue Sorik Thann and determine just what is going on there.

Upon arriving they found most of the expedition members dead. They appeared to have been brutally attacked by some unknown party, possibly from within the expedition. They also found Sorik Thann and one other vampire in torpor. When they revived them they both told a similar, but foggy tail of the non vampire members growing increasingly paranoid and aggressive towards them until they were attacked.

[[:seskatonkwa] visited the camp in Hisil to question the spirits in the area. Most of the spirits were not very cooperative, but a spirit of corruption and decay informed him that there had been some unusual spirits appear recently. Spirits that it didn’t know what to make of. It pointed him towards a small wisp of a spirit as an example. As he left he noticed the spirit was following him and seemed to have attached two small filaments to his chest.

Prophecy from the Past
Look before you Leap

This Adventure Log covers one week of downtime

With Heath Sylvester and Micah Distel vanishing Tristan Sylvester found herself in charge of the Shadow Ring. Not prepared, mentally or socially for this she leaned heavily on Mattias and The Raugraf for guidance. Not only was she lacking in guidance, it seems that Heath and Micah too much of their organizations cash stores as well as their loyal underlings. The crew sunk much of their monthly profits into stabilizing the organization. It’s operations appear to be recovering, but it will require quite a bit of work before it’s back to what it used to be.

A Family Affair (part 3)
Let's get down to business

After their ‘exciting’ encounter with Heath Sylvester the crew decide to lay low and plan their next moves.

Tristan Sylvester contacts the crew and asks them for their help. It seems that the Sylvester’s Shadow Ring operation is falling apart. Heath and Micah are both missing, each taking their trusted associates with them. She is worried that she won’t be able to keep it running on her own, much less fend off anyone who tries to make a move on them.

She is currently planning on freeing Raugraf Ordulf and then solidifying her power base and she wants your help with both.

A Family Affair
Daddy's Little Girl

This adventure log covers four weeks of downtime

As the crew stays on Tashet for a few days to see how things play out after the symposium, they notice that the population seems to be mostly accepting and even more favorable to the new government. However, there does seem to be some concern among the supernatural population. There is almost palpable sense of rising tension between the ‘mundane’ and the supernatural. The majority of the mortal population see this as their chance at a better life and resent the supernaturals for not wanting to let them have it.

The Joining: Part 5
The Trap is Sprung

With their plan to lure Basil Malone back to Tashet in motion, the crew continued to interview the senators, some of the pages and other political functionaries. During the next 24 hours before the CPG task-force arrived a pattern started to appear. It appeared that Basil focused his meetings with senators who were on the fence or mildly against the resolution. Two of the senators mentioned being initially suspicious, but their suspicions turned out to be nothing, as they had hired supernatural investigators to make sure that they weren’t being manipulated.

After the task-force arrives the crew hands off their reports and is firmly asked to stop interviewing senators as the ‘professionals’ will take over. The next day a group of senators from the Agricultural continent put forth a movement that decrees the secession illegal under Tashet law using the Legal Arguments the crew discovered. The next day the crew hear that many of the taks-forces’ appointments have been canceled as the senators are deep in talks about the legislation. Many of the senators who voted for the secession are seen entering the temporary Celestial Empire headquarters.

With the uncertainty of government now looming over the population, the people of Tashet have grown uneasy and concerned. The Celestial Empire announced that they will be hosting a public Symposium to try and answer any questions the population has to offer. They request that one of the members of the CPG party give a talk and take part in a debate.

The Joining Part 2: The Hidden Foe
Disaster Strikes!

Shortly after the crew completed the ritual with The Sentinel they returned to the Dead Dreaming only to discover that the hallways had been infested with some sort of glowing fibers seeming to have erupted from the walls. They are able to trace the infestation to it’s source, the engine room. However, the doors are welded shut. While the crew is attempting to open the doors the fibers come to life and wrap themselves around Raugraf Ordulf. He struggles valiantly, but the glowing fibers pin him to the ground and begin to drain the Vitae out of him.

Suddenly a distorted voice booms out over the intercom “Fools, did you simply forget that I was here? My time of waiting is over! I have secured my rightful place in the Engine Room and there is nothing you can do to stop the Melding!” As the crew stands shocked, not sure what to make of the manicial turn Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl seems to have taken, Raugraf Ordulf’s body lets out a creak as the fibers stand it up and begin to move it towards the party with slow, jerking movements.

Mattias Quincy quickly stops the lurching radioactive vampire zombie in time allowing the rest of the crew to escape, however one of the fibers snakes out and catches his ankle as he rounds the corner. The three remaining crew members quickly make their way to the bridge and barricade themselves inside. Carter begins to bring up the ship schematics and plot the quickest route to a shuttle so that they can escape. While he is working the route out Aarovin The Archivist and Seskatonkwa “Stampedes the Herd” hear a rustling noise in the ceiling. Moments later dozens of fibers burst out above the main terminal and wrap themselves around Carter Altman. Seskatonkwa shifts into Gauru form and rips the fibers from the ceiling, freeing Carter. He then rips the door open and begins to rip and tear his way through the web of fibers.

The three remaining crew make it to the shuttle bay just as Seskatonkwa’s Gauru form wears off and the fibers finally wrap around his arms and legs, suspending him in mid air. Despite their shock Carter and Aarovin hear the engines rev beyond their safety limits and the hull and fibers begin to hum with energy. Once again Hot(Z.O.N.E.) Carl‘s distorted voice booms over the ship’s speakers, “Ahhhh, that feels much better. Why do you resist? I offer power, pure power!” And as soon as he speaks the word power, the two remaining crew feel the air charge with electicity. Carter attempts to get out of the open, but isn’t quick enough as jolt of lightning arcs from the wall to his neural implant and he falls over limp. Knowing his only hope was to get off the ship Aarovin slams open the airlock door’s emergency override and is sucked into space with the shuttle. As he tumbles through space he sees small fibers begin to emerge from the hull of the ship and a glow spread. His last thought before the cold takes him is that the light is quite beautiful.

The Joining
Dearly beloved...

Once on their ship with Madeline Maloney, the crew is able to leave Akkash without arousing any suspicion. They then make their way to the Hua Long and begin preparing for The Ritual.

As they are preparing the Ritual, Carter continues to remove any extra unwanted security measures The Celestial Empire still had in place on the ship. Currently many of the systems are offline pending a through inspection, but all the essential systems are up and clean.

The Blood Will Tell
If you only listen

Once Lucas Frank’s mind had been momentarily cleared of the horrible knowledge it contained the effects began to fade. The captain of the Pathfinder was able to navigate back to where Benjamin Anderson was sent forward in time and he seemed to be mostly unharmed.

Thanks to Mattias’ ‘luck’ the crew is able to access the teleportation drive’s controls and set a course for The Empty Highway where they met up with Lily and the Dead Dreaming. Before the ship teleported Carter disabled all outgoing communication equipment that he could find in the hopes that would prevent the ship from phoning home. Mattias and the Raugraf worked to make sure neither Carter or Lucas remembered what they had learned. Lucas talked with Carter privately and expressed his thanks for saving him and the other Shadow Dredgers. “If there is anything I can do for you guys, let me know.”


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