Tag: Atlas


  • RPCS Pollex

    An [[Atlas-class]] transport that went bankrupt as its crew went on strike. The captain eventually managed to get the ship to a Stygian Gate and made their way to [[Karli Drift]].

  • Atlas-class

    Atlas-class ships are cargo transports. They require fairly sizable crews to keep their myriad moving parts working, which paradoxically tends to increase the odds that something goes wrong. These type of ships are fairly slow and tend to have unusual …

  • Dead Dreaming

    new mish-mash ship made from [[Dauntess | Dauntess]], [[RPCS Pollex | RPCS Pollex]] and [[Specimen 11 | Specimen 11]] The Dead Dreaming has had Specimen 11's engines and stealth systems installed. The anchors of the ghosts on the Dauntess have also …