Aequinoctium is a desolate planet. In tidal lock and close to its star, conditions on the planet range from unbearable to worse.

Ruins dot the planet on both the day and night sides. No public data exists on the nature of these ruins, the best information to be found by the layman is simple hearsay or occult whisperings.

For those in the know, Aequinoctium is a Freehold of the Day and Night courts. The Freehold is almost entirely made up of Changelings but also harbors prometheans looking for answers, mages seeking the Watchtowers, and assorted natural and unnatural creatures who were desperate or lucky enough to stumble upon this rare refuge.


Fragment from RPC Planetary Report #GAOL-302
Final reconnaissance at these sites has confirmed that there is little to be gained from terraforming or harvesting this planet. In both cases the cost would far outweigh the benefits. The only possible interest anyone could have in this rock would be the half dozen or so ruins that dot its surface. The final Science Division teams are due to report in on them shortly.

Fragment from RPC Planetary Report #GAOL-324
…terrible waste of personnel and resources. Deployed our Specialists in force to examine. The mages in particular seem pleased though they won’t explain why. Both our Changeling resources have disappeared as well, now AWOL for three hours.

Fragment from RPC Planetary Report #GAOL-328
Last received report from Specialists indicates a heavy presence of Wyrd magic. Too focused on eliminating us to be dormant security measures. The Gate is malfunctioning, requesting some sort of password before activating.

Fragment from RPC Planetary Report #GAOL-329
Received transmission, sender claims to be the King and Queen of Night and Day. They demand we surrender and -

Official Report: RPC Survey Liason
A few weeks ago we lost contact with a team of surveyors. It appears that there was a catastrophic malfunction as their vessel entered a Stygian Gate. All hands have been confirmed lost. RPC offers its condolences. Insurance claims for family members can be processed with Employee Resources, in person, at Headquarters.


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