Artificial Gravity

There are four main types of Artificial Gravity (AG):

A station or ship can spin to emulate gravity. Rotation is one of the oldest ways to generate artificial gravity and it is a fairly close approximation. However, it dictates the shape of a ship which is not always desirable and there are some oddities with this type of AG. It has been known to induce nausea in people on the station or ship. Additionally it also requires that all of the object spin or it has to be designed to have a near friction-less joint.

Magnets form the simplest imitation of AG. Used in the earliest of ships and currently only on the most primitive or locations. Magnets provide a cheap and simple way to stay on the ground. Typically magnets are only located in the boots of space suits and attach to the floors (which must be magnetic).

Many permanent stations are build around a ‘micro’ black hole. Typically one whose event horizon is only meters across. The stations are typically spherical as to properly use the gravity of the black hole they need to surround it. These black holes can provide a reliable source of gravity without most of the other downsides of other AG solutions. The one note is that the size of the black hole will determine the gravity at a specific radius. The large the black hole the larger an area of ‘normal’ gravity it will provide, but it will also have a larger area of super heavy gravity that the station cannot use in the core.

AG fields are now the most common form of Artificial Gravity. They were invented over one hundred years ago through the work of many and provide tune-able fields of Gravity. They require a decent amount of power, but nothing a modern ship would balk at providing. They provide a massive benefit over all other kinds of AG because they can be adjusted increasing or decreasing the gravity in specific areas (resolution depends on the field generators). However, despite all their benefits they do require constant power and if the power goes out so does the AG field.

Artificial Gravity

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