Blood Slavers

With fuel being one of the primary currencies in the universe, everyone’s heard stories about ships running low of fuel and getting stranded in space. The lucky ones are close enough to a civilization that someone can answer their distress beacon. The unlucky ones, well, there are other stories about them.

Some of these ships’ crews are bound to be — or at least contain — vampires. Once whatever living humans might have been on board have been drained, these damned crews have to find a new supply of blood or face the final death themselves.

That’s where the shipping lanes come in. Relatively frequently traveled and typically in isolation, they form prime hunting grounds for pirates. But even the mortal pirates quake in fear of an encounter with the Blood Slavers. Pirates either kill you or let you go, but either way it’s over quickly.

If Blood Slavers take you, it’s not over until you die, dessicated, of old age.


Individually, Blood Slavers are no less repugnant than as a faction. Their skin is typically a black, rubbery mass covered in boils and open wounds. Once-white eyes are now a deep red, with no irises whatsoever. They crawl as often as walk and survivors’ reports claim the Slavers are just as nimble climbing on the walls and ceiling as standing upright.

Blood Slavers

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