Coalition of Planetary Governments

The Coalition of Planetary Governments sounds awfully intimidating, and perhaps futile to resist. The truth of the matter is, as many a ship has discovered, that the reach of CPG typically doesn’t extend much farther than the planets for which it’s named.

That said, the Coalition still has considerable might on its worlds, even if it tends to care less what happens in the recesses of space.


When the colony on Gelphan grew in power to match Earth, rather than fight (and probably lose) the coming civil war, Earth allowed Gelphan to declare its independence on the condition that the two governments sign a treaty. Thus, the Coalition of Planetary Governments was born.

With Gelphan’s newfound resources, mankind found more Dread Gates and more resource-rich systems, which Resource Production Corporation was all too happy to refine with their new planet-cracking technique.

Coalition of Planetary Governments

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