Deeply Immersive Virtual Entertainment is a common form of recreational entertainment and gameplay. Viewers attach a DIVE Controller by wearing them like a pair of glasses. The controller interfaces directly to the visual center of the brain as well as the areas involved in spatial awareness, balance, and the other senses to create a truly immersive experience.

Viewers are fully able to travel through the world while wearing DIVE glasses, and a camera in the controller allows the game to incorporate physical objects into a viewers experience, thus avoiding viewers colliding into real world objects as they walk around their world. Earlier versions would incorporate people, giving them the appearance of characters in the game. However, the intensely realistic nature of DIVE led to dangerous assaults and even a few murders when certain players of early crime-themed games. The makers of DIVE still maintain that the vast majority of players were able to maintain a sense of reality, and had not become dangerous; they state that only players who had been playing games obsessively and lost their ability to distinguish between DIVE and reality actually sunk to violence.

Currently the most popular DIVE programs in the Passive Entertainment category are Adventures of the Last Space Cadet, Everybody Tolerates Todd, and Lusty Housewives. The most popular Dive games are Werewolf Mafia 2:Claws of Blood, Survive the Ice Planet and STARCRUISER RACER!.

Aside from entertainment purposes, DIVE controllers can be used for educational purposes, from martial arts instruction and wargaming to teaching elementary arithmetic or particle physics.


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