Extractor-class ships are the iconic planet-crackers. Titanic in scale and personnel, extractor-class ships are the vanguard of resource collection in the universe. They are austere ships that focus all their energy on the collection and storage of truly massive quantities of whatever resources they are sent to harvest.

Since Extractor-class ships are essentially large vaults of valuable resources (at least, once they’ve been at work for a while), they make ripe targets for pirates. And as large containers of humans, they also make attractive targets for other predators. Blood Slavers and Privateers attack these types of ship often enough that stories (and misinformation) abound.

Thankfully, Extractor-class ships have some defenses. The ships use gravity tethers to pull up sections of whatever planet or moon they’re tearing apart, and these tethers can be reversed to create relatively dangerous repulsors. For the most part, though, Extractor-class ships rely on batteries of point-defense cannons and its hull to wear down its attackers.

Typical Attributes
Size •••••
Speed ••
Weapons ••
Armor •••

RPCS Homunculus an example Extractor-Class ship


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