Forge-class ships are essentially mobile, space refineries. They take shipments from hundreds — if not thousands — of ships at a time, break down their resources and deliver them to their destination.

Being basically immobile and containing vast amounts of resources both refined and crude, Forge-class ships would make ideal targets. Their architects realized this however, and have built them to be mighty fortresses as well. Any assault that makes it past the ship’s point-defense turrets, and somehow pierces its energy matrix must still deal with the ship’s truly mighty hull.

Most Forge-class ships are guarded by either RPC or CPG fighters, but all have their own defenses as well. Typically these consist of electromagnetic pulse cannons, designed to debilitate attackers. Occasionally, a vindictive operator will refine ships debilitated in this manner as extra punishment to any surviving attackers.

Typical Attributes
Size •••••
Speed -
Weapons ••
Armor •••••


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