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The Galactic Gazette is a newspaper that focuses on what they believe to be the critical stories people need to hear. They are also known for being able to get interviews with many important people close to their stories.


Articles are linked to Adventure Log posts they were seen in and the most recent are at the top of the page.

A Traitor Lurks

The Bilex System declared a navigation hazard

The Bilex System is currently reporting an increase in density of the gas that fills the system. Authorities are recomending ships stay clear of the system until the concentration fades. Ships entering risk a substantially increased rate of corrosion and engine failure.

A Family Affair

Adherents of Unity Strike Again, Now Officially Arcane Terrorists

Two days ago contact was lost with the small settlement on ‘The Screaming Moon’. CPG sent a team to investigate the loss of contact when conventional and supernatural means were unable to reach anyone on the moon. Details are scarce, but CPG has confirmed that the settlement on the moon was attacked by terrorists believed to belong to the Adherents of Unity. The team found no survivors, but not everyone has been accounted for.

CPG has now officially classified the Adherents of Unity as Arcane Terrorists due to their use of supernatural abilities to enact acts of terrorism. There is a reward for 10,000 credits for any information that leads to the capture of a member of the group. Officials from Epsilon Division, CPG’s supernatural investigations unit, would only confirm that the terrorist group did use supernatural means to attack the moon, but would not say what kind. They urged anyone how sees one of these terrorists to stay away and contact authorities.

The Joining

Tashet secedes from the Coalition of Planetary Governments

Shocking the universe today the leaders of Tashet announced today that they are leaving CPG and will be joining The Celestial Empire effective immediately. CPG officials denied forehand knowledge of the secession and stated that there was “no need to panic. Tashet’s withdrawal from the Coalition will have no effect on the strength of the other members.”

A spokeswoman from the Celestial Empire stated “Today marks a new era in the Celestial Empire. Gone are the days of exclusion, gone are the days of seclusion. We welcome any planet, station, moon or any other group of people that wish to join us. Tashet felt that the safety and increases to quality of life we could provide were well worth the temporary inconveniences of leaving the Coalition of Planetary Governments. As I’m sure many others do as well, should you see the benefits of our protection and guidance we would be glad to welcome you into the Empire.”

The Blood Will Tell
Vampire Kingdoms Forge New Alliances
Shocking the world today, The Thann Protectorate announced today that they were in talks with RPC. The details of these talks secret, but it is clear that some kind of alliance or treaty is in the works. Closely following the protectorate’s announcement, CPG announced that they had granted permission to Har Walium to settle on an uninhabited world inside CPG space. A CPG official who wished to remain anonymous stated that membership in the Coalition was not off the table, but that “We’ll naturally take things slow, but we are already a diverse people who embrace and respect many different kinds of individuals. Should they want to become members and follow the same rules as everyone else, I don’t see why not”. When asked for comment Vath Mel Dralian and Albion refused comment while the other Kingdoms announced that they have found new homeworlds, but intend to form an alliance of sovereign planets.
Tainted Blood

Blood Slaver Threat Solved?

While initial reports coming from CPG Strategic Command were cautious as to the long term reduction in Blood Slaver activity due to the successful raid, it has now been released that there have been no reported Blood Slaver attacks since the raid started. Sources in the Vampire Nation indicate that they believe the Blood Slavers, lacking the support of the Vampire Nation have fled beyond the limits of Vampire Nation space. General Merad of the CPG Supernatural Division, Episilon, was skeptical. “The raid went off just as we planned, but I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of the Suckers. They are probably regrouping and planning their next move. We are in the process of tracking them down and finishing this off once and for all.”

Time Flies

Sky Clans Behind Anderson’s Landing Attack

The CPG has finally released their findings on the missing colony on Anderson’s Landing in a press release this morning. “We are sad to announce that the settlers of Anderson’s Landing were attacked and killed by Clan Talis of The Sky Clans. Our deepest condolences go out to their families, but they can rest assured that we will not let this assault on our nations stand. We are currently in talks with what little central organization they have and if a peaceful settlement cannot be reached then we will eliminate the threat.“

Contact was lost with Anderson’s Landing over three weeks ago. When the investigation team arrived there they gave a brief report of the settlement being abandoned, but were not heard from again. Sources close to the Military say that the first team is believed to be lost, their ship destroyed by the Sky Clans. A second investigation team was sent with a large military escort, however when they arrived there was little to find. Until now CPG had been very tight lipped about any results the second team had found. We now know why, clearly they wanted to be 100% sure before they risked starting a war with The Sky Clans.

Galactic Gazette

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