House Rules

Space Opera changes

Dismal Void changes

Travel time from furthest point in the void is roughly 48 hours.

To ‘reset’ the time in the void you must be out of the void for 2 hours + 1 for each hour that you were in past 9.

The Resources merit is banned.

You’re an independent ship (read: scraping by) that has to deal with being being low on all the things you need.

Genetic modofications and plugins

Werewolf changes
Vampire changes
Changeling changes
Hunter changes
Promethean changes
Mage changes
Sin-Eater changes

House Rules

Character creation

Fighting Style Merits are Banned
  • Either completely overpowered or a waste of experience points
  • A massive, game-changing advantage for the guy who has them
  • A crippling liability for the guy who doesn’t
  • The realm of description and situational modifiers anyway
Morality tracks are abandoned
  • This is not to say that morality isn’t important, just that it isn’t tracked in a numerical way.
  • For mechanics that rely on Morality, other dice pools are substituted:
Game Morality Trait Effect/Dice Pool Alternate Suggestions
Vampire: The Requiem Humanity Base time spent in torpor Stamina + Resolve
Remaining awake during the day Stamina + Resolve – Blood Potency
Interacting with mortals Blood Potency acts as negative modifier to appropriate rolls
Werewolf: The Forsaken Harmony Death Rage Stimuli Storyteller’s judgment
Dealing with spirits Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Primal Urge + Occult
Mage: The Awakening Wisdom Dealing with spirits Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Gnosis + Occult
Contesting Abyssal beings Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Gnosis + Stamina
Determining Paradox effects/duration Intelligence + Wits
Promethean: The Created Humanity Avoiding Torment Resolve + Composure
Creating a new Promethean Intelligence + Occult
Reaching the New Dawn Azoth (the Storyteller should consider being lenient with modifiers if using this method)
Changeling: The Lost Clarity Perception Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Wyrd + Wits
Kenning Wits + Wyrd
Hunter: The Vigil Morality N/A N/A
Geist: The Sin-Eaters Synergy Opening Avernian Gates Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Psyche + Manipulation
Dealing with geists/Kerberoi Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Psyche + Presence
Conducting Ceremonies Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Psyche + Manipulation
Navigating the Underworld Bonuses/penalties are based on sum of Psyche + Wits

Proposed House Rules

Virtue and Vice have been replaced with Motivations.
  • Each character has three Motivations.
  • Motivations, when acted upon, grant a point of Willpower.
  • Only one point of Willpower can be gained per motivation per scene.
Extended Spellcasting with Awakened Magic

Ritual casting spell factors are totaled up as per instant casting. Each interval of ritual casting (as determined by the caster’s Gnosis) removes up to 2 dice in penalties. At the end of the ritual, the mage rolls his/her Gnosis + Arcana – any remaining penalties. A rote spell uses Attribute + Skill + Arcana – any remaining penalties. A mage cannot negate more dice in penalties than he/she has total in the spell’s unmodified dice pool.

Example: Arctos is setting up his first sanctum and wants to protect it with magical defenses. Being a disciple (•••) of the Space arcanum with Gnosis 3, Arctos decides to set up a ward to prevent unwanted scrying.

An indefinite duration is a bridge too far, but Arctos decides that a week should suffice for -4. Since his sanctum is a single room, Arctos decides that a 4-yard radius will suffice for an additional -2. Arctos wants the ward to be at least fairly powerful, and decides that a potency of 4 would be good, at a -6.

Three hours of ritual casting reduce Arctos’ total penalties from -12 to -6, which would still leave him rolling a chance dice. By spending a point of willpower, Arctos rolls three dice and gets a success. His ward is in place, for a week at least.

Absorbing Paradox as Backlash

Each success of paradox the mage absorbs as backlash causes a point of resistant lethal damage.

House Rules

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