Huntsmen is a highly violent ‘sport’ that has been around for a few years now, but has recently stormed it’s way through the gambling circuit. Set on a locked down planet teams of five are pitted against each other to hunt down an alien creature that has been planted on the planet. It’s popularity is mostly due to the variability that each event represents. The only rules of Huntsmen are that two teams of five go down and the winner is a team of five or less that bring the prey back.

Teams are not set and teammates have been known to betray each other and try to claim the prize alone. In one rare event with a formidable target the three remaining contestants consisting of members of both teams joined forces and claimed the prize together.

Winning teams are paid a substantial prize and allowed to individually form teams of their own for further contests. The longest running team leader has won the last six contests he has participated in. Losing teams consider themselves lucky if they survive.

A recent spin-off that has proved to be more popular than it’s predecessor is Blood Huntsmen where the teams are tasked with finding one or more Blood Slavers that have been set loose on the planet.


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