Kerberos Totem Rules

The ritual consists of two parts, preparing the ‘ink’ and performing the ritual. The ink is created by each member who will be partaking of the oath cutting themselves and giving their blood. This blood is pooled together and mixed with the ‘blood’ of the Bleeding Scorpion to form a sort of paste. This paste is used to draw the runes required by the ritual.

Binding Ritual Circle

The Bleeding Scorpion must stand at the center of the Ritual and each member sit in a circle around it eqau-distant. A ritual circle must be painted with the paste around The Sentinel and as well as a smaller circle in which each member will sit. Additionally, some runes must be painted on the boundaries of The Sentinel’s new domain in the six cardinal directions. During the ritual each member must meditate for 96 minutes while they give of themselves to enhance the ritual.

The participants in the ritual will be referred to as a ‘Founding Members’. All members are referred to as ‘oathsworn’.

Game Mechanics

Each founding member must spend a dot of willpower and may give one or more of the following sacrifices. The Dot of willpower grants each participant three abilities, first it marks them as a ‘founding member’ and lets them perform a ritual to dedicate a successor who will gain their powers upon their death and allows the Sentinel to know them from impostors on sight, second it allows them to sacrifice additional parts of themselves, third it also binds them so that their major accomplishments towards the oath give essence to the Sentinel.

Each sacrifice has a downside, either a permanent effect on the character or the loss of an attribute.

  • Soul
    • Downside is that your soul is now linked to the Sentinel and it can resurrect you over and over. Also, should the Sentinel be killed the piece of your soul will be lost forever (at the very least preventing you from hitting power stat 10, almost certainly other bad things).
    • You no longer age
    • If the character is killed and has a power stat of 2 or more what they will be resurrected 24 hours later.
      • If your body is mostly intact you will be resurrected in it and be fully healed.
      • If your body is not mostly intact you will be resurrected where the Kerberos is.
      • Your death is paid for with the death of someone nearby where you are and you have glimpses of their life and the memory of their death.
      • Your power stat is lowered by 1 as The Sentinel consumes your power to revive you
        • Lowering your power stat in this way can prevent some splats from using some of their powers, they however, are not lost like when a vampire with higher than 6 in something goes into torpor and lowers their blood potency. They are merely tantalizing bits of power that remain elusive until you have the power to unlock them once again.
  • Heart
    • -5 and do not re-roll 10s on all empathy, intimidate and expression rolls. (Heart is not with you, but the Sentinel)
    • Constant influx of essence for Sentinel
    • Character knows when and who any time someone violates the oath and also knows any time they would violate the oath
    • Character gains an extra three dice to any rolls to resist supernatural compulsion that would cause them to violate the oath, or if no roll is normally allowed may roll resolve + composure to resist.
  • Eyes
    • The Sentinel always sees what you see, you have no privacy.
    • Can see out of the eyes of the Sentinel and any oathsworn.
      • Takes concentration during which you lose track of your current surroundings. You must have met the person whose vision you wish to use and have a clear mental image of them.
    • Additionally, you can sense when The Sentinel or any other are ‘borrowing your eyes’.
  • Body
    • Body become cold and clamy to the touch, noticibly not alive.
      • Vampires can no longer fake being human and become pale to the point that they can always be detected.
      • Everyone else has to spend a fuel to fake it.
    • The Sentinel can use any of it’s powers through your body as if they were it’s own
    • No longer fall unconcious due to damage and no longer suffer wound penalties
    • Immune to non-supernatural drugs, poisons and diseases
  • Attributes
    • Each attribute sacrificed grants the Sentinel an ability based on the sphere it is and the character based on the type it is. For example, Intelligence would be Mental for The Sentinel and Power for the Character.
    • Sentinel
      • Mental – The Sentinel can grant sight into twilight or shadow to one oathsworn for each character that sacrifices a mental attribute. This sight supplements the targets existing sight, but can be distracting having two fields of view active at the same time.
      • Physical – The Sentinel can dedicate one oathsworn for each character that sacrifices a physical attribute as an anchor. The Sentinel can spend an essence to appear in twilight near any of it’s anchors.
      • Social – The Sentinel can initiate a direct telepathic connection to speak and be spoken to by one oathsworn for each character that sacrifices a social attribute. The members who sacrificed the Social Attribute can ‘page’ The Sentinel and request a connection.
    • Character
      • Power: Exceptional Successes are granted on 4
      • Finesse: May substitute similar skills in rolls
      • Resistance: Character is always aware of any supernatural power that affects them and it’s rough type
  • Sanity
    • May take on a derangement to gain a benefit.
    • Narcissism (mild) – When your Narcissism is active and you perform an important action (either for the current story or the Illuminati) alone it gains the rote quality.
    • Megalomania (severe) – As Narcissism, additionally, once per scene you may spend a fuel and limit someone’s skill in a contested roll to your level in that skill. (You do not have to be the opponent in the roll.)
    • Fixation (mild) – Pick a skill, each morning you can choose a specialty to gain for the day in that skill. You can also change this specialty to something related to your fixation each time it triggers.
    • Irrationality (mild) – When your Irrationality is triggered all ‘over the top’ actions that require rolls add three dice and gain 9-again. Additionally, any such rolls that fail are treated as dramatic failures.
    • Each derangement gained increases the Sentinel’s Max Essence by 2.

Kerberos Totem Rules

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