Maricaibo Confederacy

For most of its history a xenophobic theocratic state, the Confederacy came to prominence in their war against the Celestial Empire.

The first settlers of the planet Maricaibo in the Maricaibo system were Venezuelan migrants from the Great Brazilian Empire on Earth. Subsequent migrant waves from Haiti, Brazil, and the Caribbean would stop briefly on Maricaibo before establishing daughter-colonies influenced by the first colony world.

Initially the religious complexion of Maricaibo and its colony worlds was Roman Catholic, but as the appearance of supernatural beings not accounted for in Catholic dogma became apparent, that religion lost adherents.

Instead, there was a religious revival of the old forms of Santeria and Voudun religion when humans demonstrating supernatural powers and claiming to be Bokor, or witch-doctors came forward.

These Bokor advocated isolation from the rest of the galaxy, reviving Black Liberation theology, and accusing that various organizations such as the Catholic Church, the CPG, and the RPC were all organizations dedicated to subjugating the Black peoples of the galaxy.
They claimed that Vampires, Changelings, and Werewolves were the creation of Caucasian and Asiatic “wizards” who created them to prey upon “the true people”, and these wizards fed on suffering and fear.
The Bokor claimed that they could protect “true people” by capturing the demonic servants of these wizards, and forcing the familiars to do work for the Bokor. They also claimed that only by spilling the blood of “white devils” and “yellow dogs” could the evil spirits that serve the wizards be kept away and prevented from spreading sickness to the “true people”.

Confederacy/Empire War Controversy
There continues to be considerable scholarly controversy about events of the war that ended in the annihilation of the Maricaibo Confederacy.

-Chemtrail theory: some scholars, most notably Ang Zhu-Wei, contend that the Celestial Empire deployed behavior modifying agents in aerosolized form to make hostile human populations more docile in advance of landfall of ground forces. Such a theory argues that with these agents, the extended bombardment of planets was unnecessary and barbaric. The Celestial Empire military has denied possessing or using any such agents.

-Survivors theory: the reappearance of cults bearing key similarities to known Maricaibo theology, as well as numerous sightings of space dwelling entities resembling those employed by the Confederacy in the war, has raised speculation that one or more Bokor may have survived the war.

Maricaibo Confederacy

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