Palith is an ice world that hosts a small CPG colony. The planet used to have valuable minerals to mine, but about 20 years ago the mines closed down as they were no longer producing enough minerals to keep open. Now the primary occupation on the planet is hunter of Seze, a small creature whose fur is quite valued. There are two main settlements on the colony, about 100 miles apart.

At the height of it’s mining operations the population on the planet was 100,000 it has dwindled down to nearly 10,000. Since it is no longer a large asset they don’t merit much attention from CPG, but do have a small contingent of troops stationed as police. Recently there has been a large increase in violence in both settlements and the CPG troops have had to crack down.

In the past year The Shadow Dredgers have started an archaeological dig about 20 miles north of one of the settlements. They believe that there are ruins of the Lords of Mercy buried beneath the ice on the planet. Outsiders are not allowed on the site, but it appears that they are digging deep into the ice, looking for something.

Shadow Dredger’s Dig Site


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