The Bureau for Planetary Security (PlanetSec) is Gelphi’s premier law enforcement agency. It’s responsibilities include recovery of stolen goods, investigation of unlicensed businesses, combating organized crime, and arresting subversive elements.

Given the history of the Gelphan system as a hub of trade, PlanetSec understands the important role commerce plays in enriching our society. PlanetSec also understands that property rights are important to the free flow of commerce. That is why we are dedicated to the cause of protecting and recovering the property of every corporation licensed by the CPG. PlanetSec also understands the importance of protecting the citizens of Gelphi and the CPG-at-large from harmful, counterfeit products. That is why we are committed to dismantling every smuggling operation and organized crime syndicate that deals in unlicensed products. We at PlanetSec are proud to say that in the past year we have managed to close over 80 unlicensed businesses and another 20 companies producing or retailing products outside their corporate charter.

But protection of property is only one side of the coin; our corporate partners know that we understand the importance of stable labor conditions to their business model. That is why we are working with numerous corporate partners to uncover trade-unionist subversives in the workforce before they can organize illegal work shutdowns.

Interested in joining PlanetSec? Have a clean Work Record? Visit your local recruiting office today!

PlanetSec is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against mortals, mages, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, or other sentient beings.


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