Merit: Plugin (• to •••••)

Plugins represent modifications to a character’s body or, in some cases, high tech external gear. They enhance capabilities a character already possesses, or replace abilities she lacks. When buying a Plugin, choose a particular Attribute + Skill or Attribute + Attribute pair to which it applies.

If you need a Plugin that emulates a specific supernatural power, it’s best to bypass this system at least in part. If, for example, you want a Dermal Chameleon Layer that approximates Obfuscate’s Cloak of Night, you may purchase the power at the same cost as a supernatural creature. If the cost is increased for not being a member of a particular group, such as a vampire clan, use the increased cost. However, you do not need to purchase previous powers, even if a supernatural creature of the appropriate type would. In the case of the Dermal Chameleon Layer, the cost would be 21 experience points. If the power has an activation cost in supernatural energy such as Vitae (which Cloak of Night does not), pay this cost in Willpower.

Using Plugins

A Plugin is activated by spending a Willpower point. In addition to the three dice ordinarily granted by spending the Willpower point, add activation dice equal to your character’s dots in the Plugin.


Plugins sometimes just don’t work. Sometimes the enemy has a countermeasure. Other times, a circuit blows or a battery runs out. If you attempt to use a Plugin and the Storyteller decides that it fails outright, your character receives a Willpower point as compensation.


Sometimes, a Plugin can become a full-fledged vulnerability. Your cybercortex gets hacked, the power core in your replacement arm overheats, dealing lethal damage, or so on. The Storyteller may invoke this effect once per story. In exchange, the character’s Willpower refills completely.


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