Alex: I hate Night Elves! They’re such pretentious bastards!
Aaron: Well, keep in mind: Illidin was a Night Elf and he overcame his heritage.

Mike Doerr: See the thing about drugs is they’re pretty fucking sweet!

Joseph: Awesome, I got 5 successes!
Alex: Wait, to whip out your… what?

Alex: Its bite is deadened by the hardened force of your pants

JP: traffic blew
Alex: who did traffic blow?
JP: oh, traffic blew everyone, cuz it’s a whore

JP: Can’t you tell? We’re the Fantastic Four! I’m the Invisible Lady!

JP: I continue taking my jacket off
Alex: It’s not that kind of bar!

Aaron ruined all his clothes using gauru form and Rob uses a gift to smooth-talk an attacker:
Alex: sure, you can be the good cop to his naked cop!

Max: If you got a hull problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a breach ain’t one.

Chaz: He’s totally cock-blocking you from your daughter!

JP: I could start Brainwashing people…

Aaron: Watch out, she might have a Space Turkey Baster!

JP (to another PC): “It showed courage far beyond your nature and stature to even look me in the eye.”

Joseph: “You spending a willpower?”
JP: “You think I should?”
Joseph: “You’re the one lying to a mob boss” (about hooking up with his daughter)

Aaron: “I mean, if you are running for your life it makes sense to run towards a police officer”
JP: “Not if you’re black”

Alex: “Remember, it’s not selling out, it’s buying in!”

Joseph: “I think it costs a mana per turn”
Alex gets a page which screamed ‘UNACCEPTABLE
Later that session
Alex: “Eight lethal will do that to you”


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