Setting Basics

Common is the universal language, large planets and those on trade routes speak it with little to no accent, however, the farther off the beaten path the harder it is to understand the locals.

The Mask, Fallen

Once leaving Earth, the scales fell off humanity‚Äôs collective eyes. No Masquerade, Disbelief, or Lunacy protects the supernatural beings among humanity. Prometheans are clearly the dead bodies they once were. Changelings’ Fae miens are not hidden behind any mask but the glamour they call up. The universe is far wider and much weirder than humanity has ever known.


Supernaturals make up roughly 10-20% of the galactic population, reports vary and density varies depending on location.

The Vampire Nation keeps all information about their population utterly secret. Current rumor has a full quarter of their population as vampires and estimates their whole population anywhere from 1/10th to 1/3rd the size of the CPG.

The Celestial Empire is more forthcoming with information about their glorious citizens. They claim that upwards of 40% of their population has been gifted with supernatural powers. Mages, mediums and other blessed, but ultimately more human supernaturals make up the large portion of their population. No one believes this report, however most can’t agree on what aspect of it is propaganda.

In the rest of the universe Changelings and Werewolves make up the largest segments roughly equal in numbers. Mages and Sin-Eaters make up a smaller section. Prometheans populations are hard to calculate due to their near forced migrations, however any estimates has them as a quite small fraction of the population. The remaining are mediums, those with second sight, the possessed and other assorted supernaturals and depending on how small of powers you count could account for at least half of the supernatural population.

Changelings enjoy the freedom of space and so many of them are in space, at least from time to time. There are a number of planets which hold extensive Changeling courts, Aequinoctium being a prime example.

Werewolves are attracted to territory and space provides large swaths of it, however since the Forsaken are tied to Luna most of the Werewolves in space are Pure. There are a number of Forsaken groups that have kept their traditions and live on less settled planets.

The Seers of the Throne tend to control the major planets and so many of them are focused there making space an attractive place for Pentacle mages, not to mention the notion that the watchtowers are out there somewhere.

Sin-Eaters are varied depending on the person in question, but many to travel in space, many others chose to map the endless connections the underworld provides from world to world.

Prometheans almost always are on the move and space provides a great place for them to be moving, unless of course they are in a cramped ship creating disquiet.

Setting Basics

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