Shadow Ring

One of the three main crime syndicates operating on Jaakko, The Shadow Ring caters to the rich and bored. They offer all sorts of illegal and morally questionable sources of entertainment. Anything from gambling on supposedly private moments of citizens to supernatural duels. Many of their clients believe that the more taboo or forbidden the activity, the better.

Unlike many other criminal organizations, the Shadow Ring is actually a number of independent operations all sharing similar clients and offering similar services. They, however, are not owned or controlled by a single organization. Working together only when they need to each branch tends to lay claim to a single city where it is almost universally uncontested by other branches. There has been occasional infighting between branches, but given that there is no shortage of unclaimed locations to set up shop most end quickly.

With a history dating back over 500 years, before Jaakko was settled the Shadow Ring have proven to be quite hard to erradicate. CPG has tried on several occasions to shut down their operations and each time the Shadow Ring has come out of it with a few branches shut down and those that survived seem better connected wealthy than ever. The last time was over 20 years ago. During the investigation, bets were placed on who might be revealed as having a connection and which branches would fall. Supposedly bets were still being placed when the doors to one of the lounges were broken down.

Heath Sylvester’s Lounge

Shadow Ring

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